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I have a 9mo old female Airdale and her ears stand straight up whats worng??/

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Unless an Airedale's ears are glued when they are teething their ears will not lay down. Their ears naturally stand straight up and only lay down like the breed standard is described when the owners position them down.

My airedale, Missy, is ten years old and her ears never did lay down. She is still in great health and very vibrant. She may be old but I dont want anyone else guarding my family than ''''the old woman'''''

There is a problem with the nerve in the ear. When I was a child my Airedale had one ear up and one ear down. We thought it gave her character. We wern't showing her, so we didn't care. The ears are supposed to be down. If it bothers you, then ask your vet about performing surgery to correct the problem. If you're not showing your dog, then I'd leave it be unless your vet says that it will cause trouble if the problem isn't corrected.

My Airedale is also 9 mo, and also has 'Bat ears'. It's ok, he is a bit batty himself most of the time. We're not showing, so we're not bothered.

I have bred Airedales for over 30 years. If you have a line with good ears, they do not stand up. Glueing the ears can help when they are teething, but even without glueing they will not stand up unless there is a problem in the line with ears.

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