Photo I have a 9mo old female Airdale and her ears stand straight up whats worng??/

Unless an Airedale's ears are glued when they are teething their ears will not lay down. Their ears naturally stand straight up and only lay down like the breed standard is described when the owners p

Photo My 6 month old airedale is very mouthy and tends to bite when over excited late in the evening. Is t

Yes, it is completely normal. My 9 year old does the same thing. They love to play and interact with their people. Channel that chewing into something positive, so you won't come home to find half of

Photo My Airedale is almost 5 months. When he chews recently he gets a bloody mouth, it appears to be comi

The pup is probably losing his/her baby teeth.

Photo My Air Head of 5 years is just now (since January) has been having skin infections. She is on WYSON

Maybe a allergy to grains/wheat? Mine was getting welts and I changed her dog food from Grocery Store brands (high wheat content) to a quality brand, High protein.

Photo My 8 month old Airedale has an all black back instead of the saddle but some of her fur is growing l

Airedales when they are puppies are mainly black, but yes as they get older it will fade into brown and will eventually form a saddle.

Photo Are Airedales good for first time dog owners? I am considering an older one because I am not sure a

I would say no. Airedales are extremely stubborn and if you cannot control it you will have quite a challenge. With getting an adult you would atleast skip the puppy years, but you never know what kin

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