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I adopted a now 2 year old Aussie(?) from the local shelter. His body looks Aussie- right down to the way he wiggles his butt and tiny "knub" of a tail. However, he is golden color, with a white face, one blue eye/one brown, and partial "eyeliner" around each eye. Can pure Aussies come in this color, even if it is considered a color fault?

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Yes, Aussies can come in this color.It may be a red merle Aussie, though I don't know what your Aussie looks like. I have an aussie/German Shepherd mix who is "Best friends" with my friend from school's purebred Aussie. His Australian Shepherd looks like a Border Collie, as did his last one. His new puppy, Rosie, is lack and white, not at all looking like an Aussie! Australian Shepherds look like mutts. In fact, they weren't considered a breed until a recent number of years ago! Aussies do come in many colors.

You could have a "dilute" color Aussie. This does happen, although not accepted in the show ring. If parents are not properly matched, a "dilute" puppy can come of it. It is like a merle, but without the actual darker spots, be it liver or black spots, just the lighter color-which sounds like your golden color. Otherwise it could be a mix.

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