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I have 2 Mini/Toy wonderful Australian Sheperds and they only seem to eat when I am around. If I need to leave them in our back yard while I leave I sometimes put their food out with them and they don't seem to touch it at all. Is this normal for Aussies? Are they nervous when left alone and just don't want to eat? I always seem to have to be there when they eat. Is this normal?

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I think this is normal for a lot of dogs. I have 3 aussies now. My wife is home all day but they will not eat until I come home from work. I had 2 shepherd/retrievers in the past and they did the same thing. I wouldn't worry about it. If they get hungry enough, they will eat. They won't starve themselves waiting on you to get home!

You shouldn't be free-freeding them anyway. That's a good way to end up with an overweight dog. Put down their food, let them eat and then pick up the empty bowl. If they're not eating while you're there they're obviously not hungry.

If you do have to 'free-feed', a good way to AVOID getting an overweight dog is to portion out the food that they will eat only for THAT DAY. If they want to eat, then they're hungry. If not, they will happily eat when they are. Don't just keep refilling the bowl when it's empty throughout the day if they do eat. Your dogs will eat when they are hungry, however, if they do not seem to eat any of the food you put out for the day, I would see a vet. Also, consider switching to a Natural food (if you don't already do so) without by-products fillers or preservatives. I feed my dogs Purina Pro Plan Selects (not to be confused with the Pro Plan, which does have by products and ground corn). Most dogs prefer the taste because it's real meat and fruit and veggies. Hope this helps!

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