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I have a 2 1/2 yr female and she has had submissive peeing since I got her. I have two older brother that she does it too, no dad...Is is beacuse they like to domenate?? How do you stop this peeing?

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the peeing is a sign of a submissive dog and yes there is a way of combatting it. this form of submission can be won over with slow but friendly advances of your older brothers or any male figure for that matter.first get a bunch of her favorite treats and instead of giving them to her, ask any male friends, male family members, or male strangers met on walks if they'd like to help you train your pup. with palms open and the treat in the center, allow them to feed her a tasty treat.by introducing the treat, you will be conditioning her to not be 'as submissive' and making the experience a positive one for her. just make sure if it looks like she is fearful (no tail wagging or wiggling, intense stare, or baring teeth). if she is displaying any of these signs do not continue and try to play with her to bring her out of that fearful state of mind.my german shepherd experienced the same symptoms and over a few weeks time, she was able to overcome it and now jumps and bounces on everyone happily...without the mess ^_^

I also rescued my female aussie at about 2yrs. and she would pee on herself whenever a family member or friend would come over. The problem is that they get too excited. I told anyone that came into the house to just ignore her (even if she jumps on you). They should ignore her for about 5 minutes before ackknowledging or showing her any attention. It only took about 2 weeks to break the peeing and it never occured again. Good Luck!

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