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I have a 6 year old black tri australian shepherd is that to old to start breeding it to have puppies? What other colored aussies could I breed it with so there will be no defects?

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A color that most commonly has Aussies have ear problems is Red merle. It looks kind of orangish. But that's all I know.

Any tri aussie can be bred with any other tri or merle. The merles are either blue or red. Aussies who are merles have more variation in their coloring with colors that are mixed or spotted in appearance. Bi or tri aussies have two or three separate and distinct colors. Two merles cannot be crossed without the risk of serious defects, including blindness and/or deafness.

If dont recommend breeding unless you've done alot of research but yes you can breed a female up untill the age of seven only if she is in good health. You can breed a black tri with any other color safely. Merle on Merle breeding is taboo the litter will come out blind or deaf.

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