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I have an Astralian shepherd puppy thats 14 weeks old and I was wondering if aussies lose energy the older they get?

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Australian Shepherds are a very high energy breed and require alot of excersize as well as mental stimulation. If they have a "job" to do and are excersized on a daily basis, they seem to level out a bit.

They need to be walked on a regular basis...my female assie likes to have 2 walks, morning & night. They look forward to it. Early on, I started stuffing pieces of bones like Milk bones into a bleached cow bone (When you buy them, they are already stuffed). So when it is empty, just keep using it by stuffing your own. It keeps her busy, and it is her job. Helps iwth boredom. Also, throwing a ball in the yard or beach really helps. She is a great retriever!!

Somtimes its What breed they are. Some dogs are really hyper even in old age.

No! Aussies are high energy dogs that require at least an hour of exercise daily.

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