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I have read that Siberian Huskies cannot be trusted off the lead as they may just keep running. However in all the articles I have trawled through this is not mentioned with Malamutes. Will a Malamute return if let off the lead?

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i have a 2 year old siberian husky and alaskan malamute. I often have both of them off a leash. They have never run off on me. As a matter of fact they run along with my snowmobile much like a pack. I also have them trained to stay on an open porch, on a residential street, with or without me.

Neither will if you train them right and accept them as members of the pack. However, they need to know they can trust you because both breeds are known to be wary and very hesitant.

They will be gone like a shot have both breeds myself an neither of them can be trusted

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