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I want an Alaskan Malamute, but I have a few cats and another dog, a German Shepherd, and a friend told me that Malamutes will chase after smaller animals and cats, and kill them. Is this true, or just a myth?

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We have two malamutes and also 2 cats. the dogs love to sniff the cats but actully the dogs cower to our one cat, he is the boss cat. I think this is due to the fact that we had the cat first and then introduced the dogs as puppies so they have grown up together. I am sure it depends on the dog. Our malamutes do kill and eat squirles though.

yes malamute will kill and kill cats and orther pets and are seankie

usually if theyve been brought up with cats and small animals you should be fine ihave a pure bred alaskan malamute and a cat and they get on just fine.

I have an Alaskan Malamute - Wolf mix, and he chased my cats for about a week after we adopted him, however, after a little training and supervised time indoors with the cats he learned to leave them alone. He also ignores my neighbors chickens.

I got a malamute and 2 kittens. Our dog lets them crawl all over him and they even chase his tail. He just chases them but never harms them.

wow, I have a rabbit that my malamute plays with and a 2 year old blue heeler she has been aroung the rabbit since I brought her home at 6 weeks

I have a giant malamute (rescue, slightly underweight right now at 115 lbs.) and there is NO WAY I would trust her around small animals. She is mellow for a malamute in every other way, is fantastic with people of all sorts but has a very strong prey drive. Each malamute is different and should be evaluated individually on wehther they can be trustworthy around small animals. For my dog, nope -- although she's great for chasing the raccoons out of our yard.

My 'mute respects all three of my cats but is dog aggressive except toward puppies. Advice: 1) watch Dog Whisperer 24/7, 2) get a younger, submissive dog of the opposite sex, 3) exercise your 'mute all the time. A tired dog is never a discipline problem.

Good news. I have an Alaskan Malamute. We had four cats when we brought him home at 8 weeks old . He grew up with the cats, and now he's 4 yrs old and still gets along vey well with them. Recenly my daughter brought home a kitten, and as a full grown dog, he's accepted this new kitty because he grew up with small animals around. Because cats and kittens hiss and have very sharp claws dogs learn very earlier on to respect them. Diesel is over 100 lbs,and will play with the cats and when the cats don't want to be bothered a simple hiss puts him in his place. The cats rule!

Some might do it, I have three cats and my malamutes do chase them outside the house but indoors they are fine together.

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