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Is the Belgian Malinois a timid and or sensitive breed? Ours doesn't seem to like loud voices, she doesn't like arguing or being yelled at. She can be really stubborn sometimes, not wanting to come in the house when called. Any ideas?

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Timidness runs in some of the lines. Try using a favorite squeaky toy, ball or treat (such as cheese) to get your girl to come in from outside. What you have to realize is that outside is a GREAT place to be for a malinois. There are birds and squirrels and other little animals to have fun with. Also when your malinois does come in from outside, even if you have tried for 10 minutes and she finally comes in, don't use a harsh correction. Be happy that she did come to you. Have a party because she did come in. I know that I wouldn't want to come if everytime I did you were unhappy to see me. The more you can reward the coming in, everytime, the faster and more frequent she'll come for you. Give her a reason to want to come in and leave all the wonderful things outside!!! Coming to you and getting yelled at IS NOT better than being outside having a goo time.

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