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My australian shepherd is 4 yrs old, we gave her a rawhide chew and it made her very sick, we,ve had her to the vet's and he said that she is OK now, but we can't get her to eat hardly anything.I buY her the all natural dog food ( Racher Ray, Kibble Select, etc. )and she is sticking her nose up at it. Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi, I too have an Aussie that had the same situation, a couple years back. The only way I got him to eat, is can dog food, and our food mixed with some dry.He also had chews alot , in his puppyhood. He is still very picky, and is now 4 years old. Good luck".

Try Newman's Own Organic and if she still won't eat, try softening it with some chicken broth (just make sure it's not salty bouillon).

Try a litle Nutracal on a spoon. You can purchase it at your vet. It gives the dog vital nutrients and stimulates the appetite.

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