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My dog is 3 yrs old and whines constantly. I have just about had it but I care for the dog too much. Is there anything I can do?

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Do not pay attention to it when it whines. Keep with it.

We have a four year old Doberman with a wonderful tempermant. Such a loving, loyal boy. The one problem I always had with him was his whining. He would follow me around the house or sit wherever I was sitting and stare at me and whine. It drove me nuts! I think it came from boredom and wanting to play or be walked all the time. After some good, tiring exercise it would stop for a while. I can tell you though, that in the last year it has lessened tremendously. He seems to be more comfortable with himself and less anxious.

when he crys, take him for a long run or walk. something that i did was went to the store and bought a laser light and he chases it around the yard for about ten minutes. hes pooped then and will konk right out!! they are the biggest babys and needs constand human attention. when hes crying, he only want love. if only those critics knew that when they cry, they only want to be loved!

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