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My male Aussie is 2yrs old and His ears stand straight up like a german shepherds. Of all the pics i've seen of aussies...i have yet to see one with ears like his..Could it be he doesnt want to miss anything?

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Those are called "prick" ears and are rare, but possible, in Australian Shepherds. They develop within the first year or two depending on the conditions that the puppy grows up in. Hot weather = prick ears b/c this is how they loose heat, but it is rare and genetic.

Our Aussie has prick ears also. He is our 5th but the first with upright ears. I am glad to know it happens. I thought he had some Border Collie in him as he is a black tri-color.

Yes, my dogs ears are up also. Ive heard that Aussies with higher set ears are more apt to have prick ears.It's more common than one may think but rarely seen because many breeders or owners train the ears to go down with tape or glue during the first year.My breeder suggested it to me but I liked him the way he was.

Prick ears tend to be more common in the smaller sized Aussies. One of mine has prick ears and it just adds to his personality.

My red-tri aussie has prick ears too. He is absolutely gorgeous the way he is, we did not tape or glue them. He was bred as a mini but he is 46 pounds so as a male he is in between mini and standard. We love him so, and he is really really smart!!

I just took in as a foster parent an Aussie with incredibly huge ears! It looks like he's going to fly away! He is also 2. According to some websites, prick ears can be corrected before the age of 1. But I am no expert!!

My mini aussie can prick her ears sometimes too...

Check Queensland blue heeler !! Having bred these dogs for many years & seen the differences called Australian heelers. You may realise your dog to be an offshoot of this side of the Blue Heeler . They are wonderfull dogs, The Bitch I had was verry possesive of my children, also a great dog on the farm. I recall one day while walking through town with my children & my dogs in tow (The bitch & 0ne of her pups about two years old) I was passing a house when two German sheppard 's came at us out of nowhere Hackels up, I ordered my dogs to stay which they did untill these other dogs reached the centre of the street. then all hell broke loose first my bitch then the pup met these two other dogs in the middle of the road with such force that both sheppards were bowled over like ten pins when the dust cleared the sheppards tail tucked between their legs headed back home . The owner came out hollering & screaming that she was going to sue me for damages done to her dogs. It seemed that the bitch in her defence of me & my children had torn the neck & punctured the throat of the sheppard , the lead dog. I told her to go ahead as a pedestrain behind agreed that my dogs were not at fault having attacked only when confronted in mid road.

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