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Our Australian Shepherd is 14 months old. We cannot get our 3 year old cat to even come in the house if the dog is in the house. Any suggestions?

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I`m not sure if there is a fix for this. My mother hasn`t seen her cat much since she got an inside dog and she`s tried a lot of things. From my own personal experiences, I`ve found cats do well if they are introduced to dogs when they are kittens. Older cats generally seem to not like dogs and since I`m not a cat guy, I have no clue how to socialize them……

It will just take time, don't worry just ignore it, not the cat but it's attitude, giving the cat enough attention to not feel jealous.

kittens and puppies raised together usually get along quite well in these circumstances. however, if the cat is older and is being introduced to a dog for the first time it can be a traumatic experience for the cat. only time and patience will tell in this case and a try to give as much love between all your pets equally during this time of transition. one day you might find you kittie and pup playing together without you noticing.

Try putting the cat in a carrier( to feel safe) and bring it in the room with the dog . do it everyday for a little while so they get a chance to smell each others sent . supervise staying calm and in charge . This works from expierence ...... If you just ignore this it will stay this way .

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