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We have a 6 month old female Mini Aussie and she barks whenever anyone besides our family comes into the house. We have tried telling her to be quit and rewarding not barking or growling but nothing works. She also nips if the people don't leave. We have tried a muzzle for that, but that doesn't solve the problem. What should we do to stop the guarding behavior?

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Australian Shepherds are working/herding breed. It's only instinct for them to nip at heels of guests, though you should try and deter this behavior with positive reinforcement. You shouldn't muzzle your dog for nipping unless they are actually biting and drawing blood. Barking is a natural thing for dogs to do, but try and have the guest reward the dog for not barking when they enter the room, so they associate the treat with the stranger as a good thing! Hope this helps.

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