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We rescued a female shepherd about 2 months ago from the local shelter. She wasn't in very good physical shape when we got her and I noticed when she squat to pee her hind legs would shake. Well, she's in much better shape now (she actually has a waist and more energy) but her hind legs still shake when she squats to pee. Is this normal or is there an issue?? She's on the bigger end of the breed at 60 lbs the doctors think shes 5-6 yrs. Is there anything to do?

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If she cannot walk properly, then, it is a matter.But if her legs shake only when she squats to pee, then it isn't any problem. The average weight of female Australian shepherds are 40-55. So, your dog, I think, is overweight. I am a veterinarian and I wish you best.Just take care of her weight. Hope this helps :) -Sreemoyee

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