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What will help keep my mals in the yard? My fences do not deter them and I am considering a hot wire. Any other alternatives?

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dont use a hot wire that will only scare and hurt your mal, my mal digs ujnder my fence so we put he on a chain that linked him from one side of the yard to another then we let him off and he didnt notice the difference but it took some time to teach him the chain was were he was to be and now he is staying in the yard

The previous reply about putting your malamutel on a chain couldn't be more incorrect. Putting any dog on a chain encourages frustration and agression. ( Some will say that sled dogs are chained all thetime. Remember, the sled dogs that are chained run a minimum of 15 - 20 milesw a day. When they are on a chain they eat and then sleep. Chaining is not a good option for "pets" I have been training difficult breeds for over 20 years. The best option is to purchase an invisible fence and spend the time training the dog well before you leave him by himself. I would start off with a color that vibrates as well and gives an audio and electrical correction.These invisble fences are easy to install and are cheaper to buy if you purchase via an online store.

I use a cable run. My 90 lbs. girl digs, jumps and climbs, but there's no way she can escape a good strong cable run. She has a large area, 70' by about 30'. Personally, I think cable runs are far superior to fences.

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