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i have a 13 week old australlian shepard i live in WA now and im moving to MS will he be able to adjust to the heat, and humidity?

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I have an almost 8 yr. old male australian shepherd and I live in southeast texas where the temp. in the summer time gets 102 heat index. However my dog stays in the house and gets walked twice a day. Because of the heat and sometimes the mosquitos we have decided to have him be an "inside dog".

My aussie and me moved from Colorado to Oklahoma. It was an adjustment for both of us, but he loves to swim and keeps cool that way. He's an indoor/outdoor dog

It may affect them now that they are moving but I live on the gulf coast in Alabama and have a 2 year old red tri and 6 new puppies. The humidity is very high here and it doesnt bother them.

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