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i have a 7month old male. He weighed 40lbs approx 3 weeks ago. is this a normal weight for his age?

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Not sure, but I have a 6 1/2 month old aussie male that weighed 46lbs 8 oz 3 weeks ago - I do believe that yours and mine are at the TOP end of the weight scale ... mine's not at all fat, though, he's just HUGE for an aussie - he's already taller than my mom's 6 yr old female who's more 'normal' sized. (she outweighs him though - but that's another story...)

This is absolutely a normal weight for a 7 month old male...you will find male dogs weighing as much as 60-70 lbs although that would be a large dog for the breed. Most of my males full grown will weigh 50-55 lbs. That is normal, although you will find adults males weight 40-45. Your male is almost full grown at 7 months

He perfectly fine sounds like hes going to be a big boy maybe around 60-70lbs. I have a female aussie whos the same age and shes 40 lbs and solid in build.

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