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Can a female boxer and akita live together as a pack? I have a 1 year old boxer and am looking to adopt a 1 year old akita from a rescue home. I am slightly nervous as I have read that akitas can be aggressive towards other dogs when left alone.

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Like any other breed of dog, matching personalities is important. Just like humans, Akitas can like someone (other dog) or hate them. It is best to determine outside the home if the dogs can get along so neither has a territorial issue. I have two Akitas (one new to the family as my other dog passed from old age) and they are still going through the dominance thing to determine who is last in the pack. Before they ever met I established myself as the Alpha and maintain a tight control. Even when they have postured ready to fight my voice is enough to call the fight over before it begins. With Akitas you HAVE to BE an Alpha or they will take the spot.

With the right human as a pack leader ANY breeds of dogs can come together to form a pack. It doesn't matter what breed of dogs you have, as long as YOU make it known to them that you are pack leader and you don't want any fighting amongst your pack, the dogs will obey. They should be equal in the pack with you as pack leader, if you let them fight amongst themselves for who is more dominant at the end of their tiff one of THEM is going to be pack leader and calling the shots around the house and not to mention everywhere else. When it gets to that stage you'll have no authority at all, looking around and wondering why your dongs are still squabbling AND now not listening to you. In short, as long as there is a human pack leader who can take control and give corrections from the start of the dogs' relationships with each other, any breed of dogs can become a pack. Even cats that you may have should aslo be members of your pack. A good program to learn about dog behaviour and pack management is: The dog whisperer on sky three (this can be watched on free view most week days)

I have an akita a rat terrier and a fox terrier. the last 2 breeds i mentioned are small breeds. I always leave my akita alone with them. I recently noticed when I got my 2nd rat terrier he was new to the house and my akita rejected him. Now this behavior went away after a few weeks after the new dog arrived. My opinion would be that what ever dog or member to the family you are introducing to your akita either if it is human or animal it requires time and patience and socialization with the akita for him to accept his presence. And the pack leader should be the owner NEVER ever forget that.

yes,they will be a great match,but you have to train the Akita and the boxer

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