Photo are akitas good with other peoples kids if raised with kids?

Akitas are very protective and loving towards children that it frequently sees (family members, or friends that come by often), but are usually wary of strange children. With my Akita, we made sure th

Photo what are the chances that an akita will attack a kid for no reason?

As with any large dog there is always a risk of a nasty bite, and if they wanted to do some damage they could. But as long as the Akita was raised lovingly and introduced to many people when it was yo

Photo How are Akitas with smaller animals, like say a cat?

The same as any other dog, some will chase a cat others will ignore it and my male Komodo grooms our cat (she hates it). Our female Keiko ignores her unless the cat takes a swipe at her first, then sh

Photo How does the Akita respond to being home alone all day with a fenced yard?

They can get bored fast and are consummate escape artists. These dogs need human companionship and want to be with you constantly. After all you can't protect your person if you are not with them.

Photo Can a female boxer and akita live together as a pack? I have a 1 year old boxer and am looking to a

Like any other breed of dog, matching personalities is important. Just like humans, Akitas can like someone (other dog) or hate them. It is best to determine outside the home if the dogs can get along

Photo At what age should akita puppy's ears stand erect?

9 weeks or 63 days from conception.

Photo I am looking for a reputable breeder for the Japanese Akita Inu (not the American), and am having tr
Photo my family is 3 children (9 13 and 18) and mother and father. we have an appartment with a balcony an

No the apartment will not be large enough. The dog needs alot of space due to their large space. In addition they shed for almost a month excessively.

Photo How much do 7 month akita's normally weigh? I am trying to compare my dog to others to guesstimate t

my 7 month old female akita inu weighs 71 lbs.

Photo I have an 11-month-old neutered male akita. He weighs about 75 lbs. He eats well and acts ok. Is
Photo My 2 year old female Akita bites other dogs of all sizes without warning. Each time is always diffe

2 years old hmm maybe its too late, my akita does the same he kills other dogs/cats Most of the times..its because when she was young she didnt had other dogs or animals around her

Photo At what age should an Akita puppy raise it's ears?
Photo What is a healthy weight for an 11 year old male American Akita?
Photo I have a wonderful senior citizen Akita. She has always carried her tail curled over her back, but l

No, she is fine. Both my akitas did this as they aged, especially when feeling relaxed.

Photo I'm about to adopt a 6 month old Akita. Do you think she will get along with my 4 year old female Ak

I have two 7 year old westies and would like to know if they will get along with a AKITA cross LABRADOR pup

Photo i have a white akita pup shes 8weeks and shes geting light brown/cream patches im just wondering wil

I white Akita can and will develop some shading over time. The white gene is a dilution gene, that dilutes the dog's natural coloring but some of that coloring still shows through, usually over the h

Photo I have had dogs before but one was a Lab and the other was an Australian Sheperd. Will this breed do

We had one growing up and it was always outside, and did fine. I don't know about the chickens thou. Patty

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