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(Otto) Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are a well-developed breed of bulldog with a muscular build and unexaggerated features. The breed’s head is broad with a pronounced muzzle. They have loose, black lips and prominent, wide-set eyes that vary in color. Their ears are v-shaped and hang slightly sideways. Their long, tapered tails are left natural. Like other bulldog breeds, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs have a very strong and sturdy body. Their hips are well-muscled and narrower than the chest. They have a level back and stout, powerful limbs. Their short, fairly stiff coat can be blue, red, or brown merle, and may have white or chocolate trimmings.

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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are dutiful, loyal dogs that make excellent companions. They will go to extreme lengths to defend their families, and they are very protective and patient with children. The breed is athletic, active, and has a lot of vigor and determination. They make excellent guard dogs and watchdogs. Comparatively intelligent, the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is easily and quickly trainable. This breed can be aggressive or attack when they feel threatened.

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24 inches
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78-100 pounds
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General Health

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs have a comparatively small gene pool, so health issues like eyelid inversion are more prominent. Typically, this breed lives for 12 to 15 years.

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Once nearly extinct, there were only about 150 Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs in the world. They are now thriving with a population of over 1,000. They were developed in the 1800’s through Buck Lane’s breeding program in Georgia. A breed created solely by one family, every Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a direct descendant of Buck Lane’s dog, Otto.

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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs require little grooming. A quick combing or brushing can assist the shedding process and help remove dead hair. Bathing once every two weeks is sufficient. They are average shedders. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs need rigorous exercise. Long walks and large backyards are ideal for this breed.

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Ideal Environment

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs will live happily in any environment, as long as they are exercised frequently. They are inactive indoors, so it’s necessary for them to spend significant time outside. Big backyards are best for this breed.

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Do Alapaha blue dogs have any gentic promblems

If you stick with breeders that breed ful bred Alapaha's- without breeds like American Bulldogs, or Boxers mixed in- they only genetic problem that can excist is eyelid inversion. This breed was created by Lana Lou Lane out of Old Southern Whites (also called Old English/White English), the Catahoula Bulldog, and a small amount of the Colby Pitbull. For this reason, outcrosses can be done with these breeds. Any other breeds can cause genetic problems, like hip dysplacia. So just stick with full bred Alapaha's and ask breeders to confirm by E-mail that no other breeds were used in their breeding programs. This way, you can hold them accountable.


How is the dog with a smaller breed, like chihuahuas? I was thinking about getting a Alapaha pup and raise it with my dogs.

My ABBB was excellent around all animals except coons...When he was a pup he watched the coons on my porch run our cat off and he never forgot that. When he was older he ran the coons off so our cats could eat in peace. He died last year at 16....Still miss him!


I purchased an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog about 2 months ago and through some networking I have found out my dogs parents are brother and sister. Should i be worried? He is registered, and is a part of the family. Should I watch for certain health issues?

Yes, if you plan to breed your dog, you should be concerned for defects in the pups. Who did you buy from?

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