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Alaskan Huskies are not an actual breed of dog. Rather, they are a group of working dogs that are categorized by their ability to perform a certain function. Alaskan Huskies are proficient sled dogs that are usually larger and leaner than Siberian Huskies. They have long, muscular legs and a substantial tuck-up. Their coats are short or medium in length, and they are usually not as dense as those of the northern purebreds. The color and markings on this breed’s coat will totally vary. Their eyes can be blue in color, but are usually brown.

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Predominately bred for work, Alaskan Huskies are intelligent, trainable, and have an independent streak. They are willful and stubborn, but also very gentle and kind. They have a cheerful disposition, and they make very loving pets. They are especially good with children and social with strangers. They do not bark much, and they aren’t particularly good watchdogs. They are laid-back, clever, and docile. Sometimes prone to getting bored or lonely, an Alaskan Husky needs plenty of companionship (ideally with other dogs) and a patient trainer. Alaskan Huskies generally make excellent companions, as long as an owner is understanding and dedicated of the breed.

The Alaskan Husky may become destructive if under exercised and under stimulated. Be sure to provide plenty of actives and chew toys.

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20-25 inches
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38-50 pounds

Male: 48-55 pounds Female: 36-45 pounds
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General Health

Specific health concerns for Alaskan Huskies cannot be determined because they are not an actual breed. But as with any other sled dog, it’s important for Alaskan Huskies to be protected from the harsh, cold weather they work in. They frequently race in belly protectors and wear booties on their feet. Because this breed’s coat is less thick than that of the purebreds, they frequently require more care and attention on the trails. Their average life span is 12 to 15 years.

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Alaskan Huskies are a crossed breed of dogs. They are derived from a mix of northern purebreds, most notably the Siberian Husky. Some lines may be descendants of wolves, but the breed is not considered to be a wolfdog. Alaskan Huskies are specifically bred for sledding and working. They are technically pedigreed, but are not considered pure.

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Alaskan Huskies require little grooming. They are generally combed twice a year during heavy shedding season with a metal comb. The breed needs substantial exercise, but they shouldn’t exert themselves in warm weather. They require a large yard with a fence.

More brushing may be required in a warmer climate. They have a double coat with a softer undercoat that acts as a thermal layer. They need weekly combing to maintain a healthy coat. Some may need bi-daily combing.

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Ideal Environment

If properly trained and sufficiently exercised, an Alaskan Husky can tolerate any size of environment. They are active both indoors and outdoors, and they prefer to live in packs. They are used to cold climates and are not comfortable in warm weather conditions.

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Alaskan Husky Q&A

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I am thinking of getting one of these dogs, a female puppy. I live in a townhome with a little yard that is not fenced in. I am reading this dog may not be well suited for this enviroment? Also, I am concerned about the boredom and the destruction I keep reading about? Any major problems there?

You've read correctly. Sorry. =( Why not consider a smaller dog, like the Alaskan klee Kai? It's so cute and looks similar to huskies. ^.^


i live in louisiana where it is pretty hot would that be a real bad thing

it says, oviously, that they can not stand heat. if u think about it, thier fur is pretty long -_- ( not 500 miles long, LOL :) ).


If I get a male puppy, will I have to worry about it hurting my wife's two cats?

yes. Huskies aren't very friendly to cats.


I have a 4year old male alaskan husky and we would like to get an Olde English bulldog who is also male (puppy) do you think they will get along or will my husky try to kill the pup? Junior my husky gets along with other dogs but is jealous and has never been around other male dogs.

My first thought is that you might want to consider a fixed female instead of a male. The reason I say this is that both dogs would continually try to establish dominance, especially since the husky is considerably older. Just a thought. I could be off base here considering husky's are pack animals.


I have read that it is not a good idea to clip or shave huskies because of thier thick coat. I also heard it will not grow back normal for over a year. Is this true?

i have read that as well.. we have a 1 yr old male husky and we got him groomed where they use some tool that blows the undercoat out, because his undercoat was shedding and coming out in clumps and i had to vacuum the house at least 2 times a day it was rediculous.


i have heard from another source there is a big problem with running away and destroying things like the garden etc. but has anoyone had this problem. are they proned to running away?

Yes they like to escape (just don't give them the chance) and yes they will ruin a garden (usually out of boredom) but there are sprays and all kind of easy methods to use to prevent that. They're worth the little inconveniences!


Do alaskan huskies look after their young?

All dogs look after their puppies. Its just that some may not like there puppies for some reason.


How do Alaskan Husky make out in warmer climates? Do they adjust to the climate or is it just not a good idea to own one of these types of dogs in a warmer cliamate?

We Live in Pittsburgh Pa and we have very warm summers here at times My Alaskan husky (Roxy) does well we do have her hair cut down at least 1 time in the summer .When it very warm or humidity is high we keep here home in the AC even though she may like to go out we will let her stay out for about a hour just to lay outside lots of Very cold water is needed and I mean COLD in the summer take it to the dog PARK WITH YOU.she will last for about 15 min to a 1/2 hour then she done she start laying around panting really hard get her out of there when this happens out side of that she will do great


My Alaskan Husky is pregnant. Her temp is starting to drop normal being 102.1 yesterday. This morning 7am being 99.5 and now at 11am it being 98.9 but she is not showing any other sign of labor. She is still acting normal, still eating and all. would her temp droping still be a sign of labor? sorry this is the 1st time I'm ever going thru this with my girl. we found out she was already pregnant when we got her.

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