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How do Alaskan Husky make out in warmer climates? Do they adjust to the climate or is it just not a good idea to own one of these types of dogs in a warmer cliamate?

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We Live in Pittsburgh Pa and we have very warm summers here at times My Alaskan husky (Roxy) does well we do have her hair cut down at least 1 time in the summer .When it very warm or humidity is high we keep here home in the AC even though she may like to go out we will let her stay out for about a hour just to lay outside lots of Very cold water is needed and I mean COLD in the summer take it to the dog PARK WITH YOU.she will last for about 15 min to a 1/2 hour then she done she start laying around panting really hard get her out of there when this happens out side of that she will do great

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