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I have read that it is not a good idea to clip or shave huskies because of thier thick coat. I also heard it will not grow back normal for over a year. Is this true?

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i have read that as well.. we have a 1 yr old male husky and we got him groomed where they use some tool that blows the undercoat out, because his undercoat was shedding and coming out in clumps and i had to vacuum the house at least 2 times a day it was rediculous.

It will grow back completely normal. Takes a few months to fully grow back. We shave our in the summer, sometimes twice.

Shaving is not recommended for short coated Husky's the thermal layer that keeps them warm also helps to keep their fair skin protected as the light coated ones or ones with light eyes are prone to skin damage from sunburn. Groomers generally recommend a high end brush like a double blade to reduce shedding they do not recommend shaving.

NO TRUE I Cut Mine down in the summer and it grows back very well belive me buddy

No it not BUT you like to do this more in the summer the when it cold like a around late sping to late summer dotr

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