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If I get a male puppy, will I have to worry about it hurting my wife's two cats?

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yes. Huskies aren't very friendly to cats.

actually most huskies are calm with other animals if they are around them when they are young

If you are getting a pup the cats will show him whos boss! I have a 4year old husky and 3house cats and Junior is scared of them! He likes to play so he tries to rough house with my male cat but the cats really rule the roost! Cats can get away from danger if it would ever get out of hand but otherwise they all seem to do very well!

I have a 2 yr old female that shies away from my step sons cats. Especially in his house.

I think it depends on the nature of the cat as well as the nature of the dog. Our cat has a love hate relationship with our Husky. She ignores the dog, but likes to stay with in 10 feet of the dog. She also lets the dog groom her.

We have a had a husky since he was a puppy, he is now ten. He has been around cats his entire life and has never killed one. They actually will sleep in his dog house with him. I don't think you will have a problem as long as you train him early on that the cats belong there as well as him.

It is in a husky's instinct to catch and kill small creatures (prey). We had our huskys happily live with our cats for two years. Sadly, one night the husky's attacked and killed one of our cats. Just out of teh blue. We have had to rehome the other cat as it is very obvious they now see that one as prey too. If you have cats - dont get a husky. It's devestating when the dogs you love kill another pet.

No matter how much research you do, or what anyone says, no one can predict how your husky will be towards your cats from one moment to the next, and no chances should be taken. I have a husky who ignores the 3 household cats, and she has never attacked them, but I will never take chances. I keep the cats seperated from her if no one is home to ensure feline-safety. They can live together fine, but I would keep them apart when you are not around.

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This dog have a high prey drive and unless the cats were liveing with them from day one this will not work .The Husky will kill the cat .One if this is your first Dog and you never trained a dog this is not the dog for you . This dog needs you to be the boss and you can not do that because you do not unterstand a lot about dogs yet Sorry

My six and a half year old female Alaskan met my son's cat when they were both three. It took a few months, but now they are best friends. In the beginning, we made sure the cat had an escape route the dog couldn't follow.

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