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i have heard from another source there is a big problem with running away and destroying things like the garden etc. but has anoyone had this problem. are they proned to running away?

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Yes they like to escape (just don't give them the chance) and yes they will ruin a garden (usually out of boredom) but there are sprays and all kind of easy methods to use to prevent that. They're worth the little inconveniences!

I had an Alaskan Husky for 13 yrs. For the first 3-5 yrs she would run every chance she got. You could open the door without her trying to get out and run. It didn't change either after we got her fixed. Then one day she stopped running. She was the best dog we ever had. To stop the dig in your yard. Put their dog crap in the hole and cover it up with dirt. They will not go back to that spot to dig.

i had a alaskan husky he was my best friend he kept running away whenever i went to school and he would go there well one day this went on for a year well he kinda got hit by a car its sad but i just want you to know take care of them and play with them they are family dogs just bigger and they need more excercise if you play with them and keep them fit and healthy they will stay i know this cus my uncle has one that has never run away u can take the fence down and he wont cross where the fence was

Well huskies they like to play in dirt and love to dig do not keep them around your garden they will dig it up. Note the following the Alaskan husky like to move around can map out a 6 to ten mile return route to your home they will return but when they are ready they can jump a 6 foot fence from a siting position this is part of the (I do what like like from them you have to keep them on a lease at all times) or they will run do not leave them outside unless you can keep a good eye on them they are very good at getting out of collars gates under fences over fences out doors out windows again you have to train train train even still you have to keep a eye out

Well all Huskys do not like to be locked up the like to dig and can Jump a 6 to 8 foot fance and is very cliver they like to hunt within a 5 to 10 miles of Home they will return when who knows the made a map in there mine to get home

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