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I really like this breed and I was thinking about getting one. I live in a tropical country however, Jamaica. Is this climate too hot for the dog?

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No, they won't do good. As you see in the pic above, this breed thrives in cold weather. Try getting a retriever instead.

They would be okay, just keep an eye on your dog, and make sure you know what to do if it over-heats!

If you do get one be sure to give the dog the proper vitamins. I live in South Carolina in an area of 100% humidity in the summer and my golden retriever had very bad liver problems that could have been solved earlier if I had known which specific vitamins to give him. The summers will be tough....depends if you will keep the dog inside or outside during the day.

People do say they do need the cold weather, well that doesnt mean they cant live in humid climate. so i say it is ok but just make sure your Malamute has some coolness in his life. i suggest turning on your air conditioner inside your house and letting your Malamute come inside. do watch him though just in case. Do make sure they have anough space, they need a lot of space!!!!

I personally don't recommend it at all. you will have lots of trouble and you will have much more enjoyment of getting a different type of dog, I suggest a labrador retriever, if you like big dogs.

If you want a great inside dog and are willing to have him groomed (short cut) and run an air conditioner, he should be okay. Otherwise, I would get a dog more suited to the hotter weather.

Yes, it's too hot for a Malamute and any other Arctic dog. You know it or you wouldn't ask the question. Either choose a more sensible dog type for Jamaica, or move home to a more northerly location before you get your Nordic dog, if that's what you realy want.By the way, most believe they aren't a good "first dog." Learn with some other breed first.

I've had mine for about 8 years and I live in North Texas. I let him come and go in and out of the house as he pleases. Obviously he stays out when the temps reach 30-40 in the winter months. Summers he stays inside.

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