Photo I really like this breed and I was thinking about getting one. I live in a tropical country however,

No, they won't do good. As you see in the pic above, this breed thrives in cold weather. Try getting a retriever instead.

Photo I have read that Siberian Huskies cannot be trusted off the lead as they may just keep running. How

i have a 2 year old siberian husky and alaskan malamute. I often have both of them off a leash. They have never run off on me. As a matter of fact they run along with my snowmobile much like a pac

Photo What is the difference between the siberian huskie and the malamute?

Malamutes are bigger stronger and gentler. Huskies are very skinny and delicate compared to these giant dogs.

Photo I have alaskan malamute wolf mix puppies that are 7 months old. I keep them outside in a very large

i have a full grown alaskan malamute and she would probably be fine in that situation living outside but i think puppies need to be brought inside or have something to keep warm.

Photo I want an Alaskan Malamute, but I have a few cats and another dog, a German Shepherd, and a friend t

We have two malamutes and also 2 cats. the dogs love to sniff the cats but actully the dogs cower to our one cat, he is the boss cat. I think this is due to the fact that we had the cat first and then

Photo i have always wanted a Alaskan Malamute, but I live in Puerto Rico, is an tropical island. I do have
Photo which is smarter the malamute or the huskie?

The Malamute is smarter just from experience and very easy to train if you start when the are puppys. My malamute is 17 weeks ole and weighs 30 lbs she was very easy to train in spite of what I was to

Photo Im from india and i wanna know can alaskan malamute stay or survive the atmosphere of india and if i
Photo What will help keep my mals in the yard? My fences do not deter them and I am considering a hot wir

dont use a hot wire that will only scare and hurt your mal, my mal digs ujnder my fence so we put he on a chain that linked him from one side of the yard to another then we let him off and he didnt no

Photo Hi, I have a 3 yr old Alaskan Malamute which we rescued. We would now like a Rotti Puppy, but she is

get the puppy. take the time to introduce your mal with plenty of breaks. have a specific area(s) for both the mal and the pup. my mal and my kitten are best friends. She also loves our friends female

Photo We have a 6 year old female who is shedding in clumps. Can we do anything to slow this down? She i

What about getting her coat cut short at a groomers?

Photo Can an alaskan malamute live in maui, kihei?

i truly wouldn't recommend it. I have a malamute and live in upstate New York where it snows into May. He could lay buried in the snow for hours and be happy and warm, but come summer, we have to ke

Photo We have a 10 yr old female malamute. She is a giant! She is shedding, but her undercoat is extreml

We have the exact same problem with our 10 year old female. We tried all kinds of brushes and combs that did not help until our newest purchase. It's rather pricey at $80 - $100. CA but well worth the

Photo I have a 7 month old male alaskan malamute and he weighs 50 kilos is this a normal weight for a dog

50 kg is not normal for Alaskan Malamutes at 7 months. a little over 30 kg would be normal.

Photo I recently adopted this 7 month old puppy from animal control. They were not sure of his breed but

chould be and he/she looks like that to me to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo my 4 month old malmute's tail don't curl... at what age will it curl? if it doesn't curl does that m

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