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The Alopekis is a stout breed of dog with fox-like facial features and an intelligent expression. His wedge-shaped head is broad and features a pair of large, pricked ears that are triangular in shape. He is strong-jawed and has a tapered, deep muzzle that is level across the top. His lips are taut against a row of well-developed teeth that close in a scissors bite. The Alopekis has comparatively large, bright eyes that vary in color and shape. Their nose is broad and proportional to the size of their muzzle. The Alopekis has a medium-length neck that is slightly arched and blends into the withers. They have long bodies with a wide chest, extended ribcage, and a strong, curved back. Their limbs are straight, short, and well-developed with strong wrists and knees and thickly padded feet. The Alopekis has an elegantly curved, long tail that is carried high and features a brush undercoat. This breed has a nice double coat that features a hard, smooth outer coat and a fluffy, silky soft, dense under coat. The coat is of medium length, has a glossy sheen, and comes in many different colors.

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The main photograph is a rare white wire-haired variety of the dog.

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The Alopekis is a relatively low-maintenance breed, and their character, personality, and temperament make them excellent companions. They are devoted and true to their owners, and they are enthusiastic helpers. Because of their high intelligence and even temper, they are easily trained and quick to adapt. The Alopekis is acute, playful, and very sociable. They also make excellent watchdogs. Naturally, the Alopekis is a hard-working optimist that aims to please his family. They have fast reflexes, courage, and athleticism, and they are very resourceful. They are patient with children and are constantly ready to perform for their master(s).

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8-12 inches
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6.5 - 15.5 pounds
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General Health

The Alopekis doesn’t have any known genetic problems. They are a long-lived breed and can frequently live for 14 to 16 years.

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Similar dogs to the Alopekis are visible on ancient Greek sculptures and other archeological finds. Their ancestors are primitive dogs that existed in Greece during the Proto-Hellenic era- in the time of the Pelasgoi people.

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The Alopekis’ coat is very easy to care for, and does not require much attention.

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Ideal Environment

The Alopekis will happily take as much room as is available. He loves to run and play, but he is also quite happy in other environments. Infamous for his adaptability, the Alopekis can adjust to an apartment-style setting or other small household. Exercise is ideal, but they don’t require much.

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