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The American Bull Molosser is a cross between the American Bulldog and Molosser. It is a working class designer breed. Fiercely loyal to it\\\'s master and family.

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Dutiful, courageous, and protective, the American Bull Molosser is a dedicated, loyal pet protector. He does very well with children and other pets, and he provides companionship and security for his family. Professional training is encouraged for first time owners of this breed. American Bull Molossers are highly intelligent and easy to train, and they possess an even temperament and a desire to please their owners. If raised properly and sufficiently trained, the American Bull Molosser makes an outstanding family pet.

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20-26 inches
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70-115 pounds
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General Health

American Bull Molossers do not have any reported health concerns or genetic problems. Their average life span is 10 to 14 years.

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A similar dog to the Alpine Dachsbracke was utilized as a hunting dog in ancient times. Between the years of 1881 and 1885, Crown Prince Rudolf of Habsburg required that Alpine Dachsbracken be included on his hunting trips. The breed was officially recognized in 1932 in Austria as the third breed of Scenthound. Austria is still considered to be the Alpine Dachsbracke’s country of origin.

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American Bull Molossers enjoy a daily brushing, but it is not necessary. A bath in mild shampoo on a monthly basis will be sufficient. As with any other dog, the American Bull Molosser needs his teeth cleaned and his nails trimmed on a regular basis.

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Ideal Environment

American Bull Molossers need a tidy, stable, healthy environment. This being said, the breed is capable of living in any size of living situation. A yard is ideal, but frequent walks and other forms of exercise can make up for the excessive time spent indoors. Obedience training is especially helpful and important for the well-being and happiness of this breed.

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Is it a standard to have the ears cropped?

Generally, the ABM's ears are left uncropped, but it is not against any breed standard to crop them, and you will see some ABM's with ears cropped. Generally, it's a question of personal choice.

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