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What do you consider a good food for this breed, we have ours on Blue Buffalo and she is having a hard time adjusting to this food, she has been on it for a few weeks now. She was on Nutro from the breeder and I was told to switch it to Blue Buffalo from another breeder, I want to make sure she gets the best that I can provide

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I feed my American Bulldog food straight from the Vet...called Prescription ID...his stomach was to sensitive for anything else... Treats for reward..try hotdogs...little pieces...he loves it and his stomach can handle it...

We had our AB on Blue Buffalo and it made him very sick, it was too rich for him. We have switched to Natures Choice, easier on their stomach's. For training treats we use a dog food that comes in a summer sausage form, we just chop it up into small pieces and it lasts for 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.

The dog food we cut into the treats is by Pet Botanics. The trainer calls it puppy crack. Our puppy seems to love it, we sprinkle it over his food when his is being stubborn and he eats it up.

I have my 4 month old on Blue Buffalo, we had to switch her from chicken and rice to lamb and rice, she is fine and putting on lots of weight, 42lbs. great coat and beautiful muscle tone.

We had problems with allergies and loose stool for months and finally decided that we needed a grain free food. We tried Blue Buff. Wilderness with pretty good results but for convenience sake we switched to Taste of the Wild Prairie and are very satisfied.

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