Photo Can the american bulldog be in a cold climate?

Their skin and hair isn’t that thick. They aren’t meant to be cold weather dogs, but if you keep them inside they should do fine. The cold won’t matter when they go outside to play since they

Photo i have a 7 wk old puppy and he loves to bite. how can i get him to stop. has lots of toys and i exer

what I did with Zoey, was push a toy in her mouth every time we came home, and praise her for having a toy. She caught on. She is almost 5 and still greets us with a toy in her mouth, we still praise

Photo I have a American Bulldog that is 5 weeks old, I have not gone to pick him up yet cause he is still

Our female had her lst litter and the last puppy is going to its new home today. Grunt (puppy) weighs 18 lbs. at 9 weeks. Female in litter weighs in at 15.6 at 9 weeks.

Photo Does AB have a bad reputation?

American bulldogs are associated with a bad reputation because of how similar they are with Pitbulls. I own my first American Bulldog right now and must say, he is the sweetest dog that I have ever ha

Photo we have a 10 week old female, working on training her, does any one have suggestions for training tr

I use the milkbone PUPPY treats for my ab. He loves them and does great with them.

Photo What do you consider a good food for this breed, we have ours on Blue Buffalo and she is having a ha

I feed my American Bulldog food straight from the Vet...called Prescription ID...his stomach was to sensitive for anything else... Treats for reward..try hotdogs...little pieces...he loves it and h

Photo Can you please tell me what is a good kibble I can put my ab on. He's been eating raw and it's getti

We use Blue Buffalo, lamb and rice. It rates very high on the scale for dog food. The chicken and rice is great too. It is all natural 30lb bag cost about $42.00 at petsmart. It last our 3 to

Photo wat is the average weight of an 11 to 12 week old american bulldog puppy and height

I have a 15 week old and she is 27lbs, she was about 23 at 12 weeks . We have not checked how tall she is. Everyday she seems different, one day she is tall and the next wide. she is growing nicel

Photo I have a 20 wk old fm, we feed her daily, but it does not show in her weight, is there anything wron

I have a 4 1/2 month old female she is 42 lbs. I was worried she wasn't that big also, but the more I look she is just fine. She is filling out nicely and is happy. She eats plenty and gets tons o

Photo How much dry kibble, Blue Buffalo lamb and rice, should I be feeding a 5 month old AB?

I raise Am bulls and Coonhounds and I was told by my vet that if your dog doesn't more or less hunt{run 5-10 miles } or like herd sheep {always active} that that high proteinstuff is no good for your

Photo I have been reading a lot other sites and noticed that they have quite a few skin issues and bumps.

I had the same problem with my bully and I was feeding him solid gold foods from all types chicken, bison, lamb and he still had the problem until my friend down the street showed me her female pitbul

Photo My wife and I are interested in getting an AB, but want a breed that can run with her. She tends to

the scott johnson hybrid which is still a ull purebred ab would be the best choice. It comes from the lineage of both the johnson and scott. You get the best of both worlds when looking for size, an

Photo are AB'S easy to train to boundaries. we have an underground fence that was perfect for our boxer. w

My AB is 8 months old. When I noticed how quickly he learned the SIT and LIE DOWN command I decided to sign him up for training class at PETSMART. Although is is a puppy (a calm puppy), he is an extre

Photo my american bulldog is nearly 3 years old, she is very lively and excited, and runs about like a hea

Try working with him using basic commands like "come here", "sit" and "lie down". When he obeys, immediately give him a treat such as the puppy peperoni treats. With thes

Photo I have a 8 month AB, Weighing in at 82 pounds. Im going to get him neutered. The vet has suggested t

Yes they are prone to their stomach flipping and developing Bloat. It's a very expensive procedure so the choice is yours.

Photo My husband has an AB and insists that her nails should be kept fairly long He says they should be

He is misinformed. Any dog who's nails are kept longer could be in pain while getting them clipped. As the nail grows, the quick (blood vessel inside the nail) will grow longer into the tip of the n

Photo I have a freind who also has a sweet tempered male AB-My girl is awesome and has made a wonderful fr

You are the first person I have heard that wants to breed for the right reason. Keeping the docile personality and temperament along with training is the reason 2 dogs are bred. Expect a slight chan

Photo We own an AB who suffers from chronic infections? of the webs, and pads of the paws. He has been ta

my american male was getting skin infections. i had a allergy tets run on him and he is alergic to beef, turkey, wheat and milk. since i have placed him on the proper food he has not had any more prob

Photo My AB has very bad gas, Is there a food that I should put him on to help with this? My vet told me t

natural balance dog food is good I been giving it to my dog also natures variety frozen raw food . and diamond dog food is also good and candide food. I hope your dog will like it

Photo What time and place was the American bull dog originated, and what it was first bred for?

they were farm dogs and for pertechon and they came about the 1800 and then they were almost wiped out after the 2 world war. there bread is Mastiffs and english bulldog

Photo What should an American Bulldog weight at 3months old?

I would say 20-30 pounds depending on the line. My male was 26 pounds at 3 months.

Photo I have a 5 yr old AB and she has developed a bunch of bumps all along her back that have turned into

I don't know how long ago this question was posted. But what do the bumps look like? Our AB had bumps all over him and it turned out to be hives. It's rare but it does happen. All we did for ours was

Photo my ab is 6 months old and we have been catching him eatting his own waste..why is that?

Try a better quality food. You can also try adding Pineapple to the food as it will make the waste taste bad.

Photo Can a puppy AB's eyes change colors? (From dark to blue) And if so, around what age does it occur?


Photo I have a AB female who is 11 months old. She was fully potty trained when we got her but after she g

I had similar problems with my AB. They are norotiously hard to house break. Just be constistant. Reward the dog when she goes outside. Give her a treat. Also, make sure to give her enough time to go

Photo I Have 2 x Male border collies (one is nutered) plus a small Female toy pom and female Maltese poodl

i have a lovely female american bulldog (8 months) and wow....very high prey drive.especially small fast moving ceatures.i suppose it's possible if you socialize early. i would imagine this would be

Photo MY ab is not eating regularly she was eating twice a day now she eats once a day if that what can I

my AB was doing the same thing. So I just changed his food and everything was fine.

Photo Hello we are going to get an Ab puppy on the 25 th of june 2009 and I wanted to know if there was an

Socialize Socialize Socialize...we have an AB 7 month puppy...we bring her everywhere with us and she is the friendliest playful puppy...but we socialized her when she was young with all kinds of peop

Photo Why do American Bulldogs eyes jiggle when they are sitting still?
Photo We're going to be getting an AB female puppy soon... has anyone run into trouble with home owners in

If you get it as a puppy, don't worry, just train them, they have to know you love them and they have to know who is boss. If you train them to be friendly, they will be. Do not use too much aggressio

Photo Our 3 year old male ab was attacked by another dog about 6 months ago and has been very aggressive w

I also have an AB and we had a similar problem. I took mine to several obedience classes and made sure she was socialized when she was a puppy. My dog was about 6 months old and I was walking her - we

Photo I'm thinking about getting an ab. Has anyone have an opinion on weather a female or male has better

I have 2 American bulldogs (male and female). I really can not tell you that there is a huge difference in temperments. Both would be lap dogs if they could and at 95lbs on the female and 120 on the

Photo We just got our ab today. I know they are broad in the shoulder area, but he seems to be walking f

I had 2 AB's. I had a male and a female. The male was big he got to 125 lbs. When he was a pup his feet were so big that he did walk funny, he would drag his paws. He did outgrow that but if I were yo

Photo I have an AM bulldog puppy about 6 months old. He has so much energy it is insane, I take him for wa

My american bully was the same way as a pup. I put a leash on her and when people would come over I would stand on the leash so that if she were to jump she would catch herself. It only took 2 times a

Photo My 6 month old American bulldog was hit by an "intruder" today, what affects will this hav

I think that at 6 months old, your dog should be fine should you re-socialize him/her. The dog needs to know that not all "intruders" are going to hit her. These dogs are EXTREMELY smart and

Photo I have a well behaved and fairly mellow 4 year old female AB. She spends a lot of time indoors with

CARPET! Carpeting is the safest thing you can do. The dogs will not slide on it. It is easily cleaned. we wash our carpets twice a year as we have two AB's and are getting a third. The carpeting w

Photo I have a 8 month old AB and about a week ago he decided that he only wanted to eat one time a day.

My youngest puppy who is 18 months was the same way. She is offered 2 1/2 in the morning she eats maybe 1 cup of it. then at dinner i add 2 1/2 cups and she will usually finish it. they are at a funn

Photo My boyfriend has a 14 month old AB that I am constantly around. He is always trying to bite toes, ju

ABs stay in puppy hood for a comparatively long time. This is why he is still nipping your hands when you pet him. One thing I found that worked with my ABs is when they are nipping, cup the dogs lowe

Photo We took my AB out of town one weekend where he had to spend the night outside. When we brought him b

more than likely to be a grass alergy

Photo My American Bulldog is about 8 months old and he has recently started throwing up after he drinks wa

My pit bull does the same thing regarding drinking water and then throwing it back up. I figured out that occurs when I give them too much water; they just drink the whole bowl in one sitting. Subse

Photo My AB has bumps all over her back, I tried looking at her skin and it looks like maybe a rash? Has

My AB Jake has also had the bumpy rashes, I'm pretty sure it was due to the shampoo I was using. I found that giving him a dose of benadryl everyday helped with the rash and itching and switching to a

Photo I have a 15wk old am bulldog, and she has to potty just about every 20 to 30 minutes. No matter how

Our American bulldog took alot longer to "potty train" then the rotti's we use to have. I asked the vet and she said that they are more easy going and I guess she meant lazy. But just keep

Photo Our AB is about 21 weeks old. He is solid white except for a dark spot around one eye. All of a su

Yes this is normal. Our AB is 9 months old and when we got thim he only had markings around his eyes and a a few specks on his ears. As he has gotten older he has gotten the light brown markings (I

Photo I have an 8 week old American Bulldog.I was just wondering how long it takes before he will start an

My Ab is deaf it took me a few weeks to realize he wasnt responding unless he was looking directly at us,it is common in this breed u should ask your vet

Photo My 51/2 month old American Bulldog just started to display possession aggression with certain treats

First and formost if this is your first Am. Bull I must stress do not baby this dog, 5 monthes might be a little late. I've owned and raised many. as a pup the first thing you have to do is when the

Photo I just want to know how much taller do american bulldogs get after they are 7 months old? Mine is 24

American bulldogs will reach anywhere from 18 inches tall to 27 inches tall.

Photo I have a American Bulldog pup whom is 8 months old. I was thinking of switching from the puppy form

Puppies bones grow until there one year. also the more protein they eat the faster and more they grow.

Photo How do i get it to behave when im driving?
Photo my 3 year old ab pees when I get home from work. Last night when my husband try to bring her back t

Usually dogs like them, if TOO excited, pee. Aggression is never good, if it's a one time thing than maybe it was just when your puppy got excited that time.

Photo My ex has a lovely AB named Cleo that he got from a rescue program. She loves people, kids and othe

I. Have a five yes old male he is the same way. It is in their blood to be rugged and tough. The onlybway I found of avoiding it is to stay clear of dog parts and closely supervise par time. If you

Photo he has rash on his belly

Our AB has food allergies which sometimes show in a skin rash like you're describing. If there's been no change to your bull's diet, it's most likely a rash caused by something he contacted. The other

Photo i have a 9 year old AB and recently she has had red almost blood like goop coming from her eyes. wha

She probably has a severe case of cherry eye, where the tear gland becomes inflamed and infected. If it is as bad as it sounds she should have the gland removed.

Photo I am planning on showing my male AB this wknd. My boy is white w/ brindle. I have read that black e

i understand some pink around the eys is acceptable because it is so common to have some pink and doubt it will be docked off any scorings for this. I have a 1.5 year old male and his eyes are nearly

Photo We just got a 2 year old male American Bulldog. He seems thin to me. How much should I be feeding

My American Bulldog usually eats about 2 cups of food 3 times a day and he is at a healthy weight. Although that depends on how energetic yours is, mine seems to burn it off as fast as he eats. Also a

Photo My 2 old year American Bulldog is the best dog I have ever had, but... he sheds continuously! I have

Try switching his food to: Taste of the Wild, High Sierra Formula. American Bulldogs have a very sensative digestive system, so propper nutrition is a must. also try brushing daily with a curry comb T

Photo Hello, was wondering if someone could help me out. I'm wondering how high American Bulldogs can jum

A six to eight foot fence should be sufficient

Photo my 3year old ABD is wonderful exept when a fight is happening in the park. he loves to join in .. th

why dont you take him to a nice park!!!

Photo how much dose it cost.

how much does a american bull dog cost

Photo how much dose it cost.
Photo Would it be wise for me to get an yorkie when I already have an american bulldog that is 1.5 yrs old

I have a 3yr old female Yorkie and just brought home a rescued 1yr old male American Bulldog. He is very gentle but prone to chasing anything that moves. My Yorkie is actually the one that is more a

Photo Has anyone had hearing problems with their Amer. bulldog?

iv got a 2 and a half year old male american bulldog, he and his siblings are predominately white. im pretty sure mine has slight hearing difficulties at a distance and i know his sister is deaf. my t

Photo My American Buldog was given to me she is beautiful but she is shedding bad ( no barespots ) and has

my american bulldog has the same problem dont bather to much and use a condishoner on her and some times u have to change there food thats what i did and it helped

Photo My 7 year old American Bulldog started having seizures Sunday night and 3 hours later it was so bad

My bulldog started to have seizures at the age of 10yrs. My vet told me that bulldogs can devlope epilepsy in there later years.

Photo I have a 5 mo old AB, he is the alpha from his litter. He submits to my husband, but will not submi

When he obeys your obedience commands, he is submitting. He may be grabbing your pantleg because he thinks you are going to leave him. If that is the case, you can go out the door and return immediate

Photo I rescued my AB in March. He's approx. 3yrs old. He doesn't seem to trust children and has been a li

dress up your child as an adult

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