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The American Bullnese is a small, sturdy breed with a comparatively long body and strong bones. Their build is low to the ground and is heaviest in the front. Their chest is wide, deep, and full and their thick neck features folds of skin. Their legs are stout and their forelegs are slightly bowed. The American Bullnese has a proportionally large head that is square-shaped with a defined stop. There is a groove between their round, moderately large eyes and they have a number of facial creases. There soft ears are gently folded and their tails are slightly curled. The American Bullnese has a short, thick, glossy coat that is acceptable in a variety of colors.

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The American Bullnese has an endearing, springy, pouncy gait and a jolly demeanor. They are a very popular companion because of their playful, unique, and loving temperament. The American Bullnese is eager to please and makes an excellent family pet.

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8.5 – 12 inches
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15 – 30 pounds
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General Health

The American Bullnese has no reported genetic problems or health concerns. Their average life span is 10 to 15 years.

It is important to remember they have short noses, wrinkly faces, and they may have breathing problems. If their wrinkles are not kept clean, they may develop infections between the folds of their skin.

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The American Bullnese was created by Robert E. Rice, a man who wished to establish a breed that combined his favorite characteristics of several different breeds. Robert E. Rice started a breeding program in Jacksonville, Florida in 1989. After a lot of pedigree research and selective breeding, the American Bullnese was born.

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The American Bullnese has facial creases that should be cleaned on a regular basis. The breed’s coat is low-maintenance and needs little grooming. An occasional brush and shampooing are sufficient.

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Ideal Environment

The American Bullnese is relatively inactive indoors and he will do okay without a yard. He is a good companion for families with a small household or an apartment. This breed still needs a certain amount of exercise for optimum health. The American Bullnese enjoys games like playing with a toy or fetching an object.

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