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(Black and Tan, Black and Tan Coonhound) The Black and Tan Coonhound is a powerful working dog with a large build and good musculature. This breed is very well-proportioned and has a defined with finely modeled facial features. The upper plane of this breed’s skull is parallel to the upper plane of the muzzle. They have a moderate stop that is located between the occiput and the nose. Their wide nostrils are black in color and their lips are pendent-shaped. Their round eyes are hazel to dark brown in color, and their teeth close in a scissor bite. Black and Tan Coonhounds have long pendent ears that fall in folds around their face and should extend well past the tip of the nose. Their tail is strong and hangs freely. Black and Tan Coonhounds have a body that is the same or just longer than its height at the withers. They have a comparatively level topline and a chest that reaches their elbows. Black and Tan Coonhounds have a short, glossy coat that is black with tan markings on the muzzle, chest, and legs.

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Also known as the Black and Tan Coonhound.

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The Black and Tan Coonhound is loyal and eager to please. They are good-natured hunters and companions, and they are eager to follow. Black and Tan Coonhounds are in tune with their surroundings and they are very alert. Exceptionally dedicated to their work, Black and Tan Coonhounds are somewhat aggressive by nature. They are, however, very obedient of their master. When socialized and raised with a family, Black and Tan Coonhounds can be very gentle and friendly with people. They are usually leery of strangers and they do best with older children. Because of their large size and tendency to play rough, Black and Tan Coonhounds aren’t recommended for small children. Black and Tan Coonhounds are courageous and willful and they require a patient, understanding, firm trainer. If left alone for too long, this breed will howl. They shouldn’t be left off a leash or unattended because they are likely to follow an interesting scent.

Coonhounds are very food motivated and respond well to positive reinforcement with treats.

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23 – 27 inches
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50 – 75 pounds
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General Health

The Black and Tan Coonhound can be susceptible to hip dysplasia but it can be avoided with proper testing and ethical breeding practices. They are prone to ear infections. In order to prevent weight gain, this breed should not be overfed. Black and Tan Coonhounds typically live for 10 to 12 years and they average 7 to 8 puppies per litter.

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The Black and Tan Coonhound is a cross between the Bloodhound and Foxhound. The breed was developed in the United States on the basis of its colors. Black and Tan Coonhounds are known for their abilities as a raccoon hunter, and they are very successful in hunting other types of game including bear, stag, opossum, and mountain lion. The Black and Tan Coonhound was officially recognized in 1945. Black and Tan Coonhounds have a number of natural talents including hunting, tracking, agility, and watchdog abilities.

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The American Coonhound has a low-maintenance coat that only needs an occasional brushing. This breed’s ears should be carefully attended to and cleaned on a regular basis.

They are prone to ear infections. It's best to use cotton swabs and pet peroxide mixed with water to clean the ears weekly or as needed.

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Ideal Environment

American Coonhounds need rigorous daily exercise. They aren’t suited for a small household or apartment, and they are happiest with at least a large-sized yard. They are relatively inactive indoors.

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