Photo How do I get my dog to lose weight? She is about 10 pounds over weight. We walk her everyday and run

Assuming that she is on regular adult dog food, you seem to be doing everything correctly. If she is still on puppy food, it could explain her weight gain. You could switch her to diet dog food. It

Photo I have an American Eskimo, male named Rex. He is 19 years old and in fairly good health. He does hav

Eskios generally live for 15-16 years of age as far as i know. your ekie lived a longg life =]

Photo I'm thinking of buying a toy eskimo puppy. but the only thing im not so fond of is the shedding. i

I have a male miniature eskie who lives indoors. We have hardwoods, and it looks like white tumbleweed!! I sweep several times a week to keep it under control. He's well worth the effort, though.

Photo I have a white eskie. She has a brownish streak under her right eye. I was told dogs get that when

that isn't when they cry, its the type of water you use. waters with iron can cause this. Try getting distilled water. it should clear up.

Photo i have a question what is hip dysplasia and how doe,s it affect the american eskmo dog what kind of
Photo How do I break my six year old male from wanting to attack the other dogs in the house when ever the
Photo was the american eskimo breed used for hunting?

I don't know the answer to that yet, but my eskie has caught and killed many mice and chipmunks, six squirrels, one young hedgehog and a Canada Goose! He hunts tirelessly on walks and would rather hun

Photo I just recently got an american eskimo for a christmas present and my husband brought him home and h
Photo I have a 2 year old American Eskimo male. I have not had him neutred, as I was thinking of getting a

Their noses can turn brown, with age and wear. As long as the outside is still black it's okay, we're looking to breed our 6 year old female for the last time, what state are you in?

Photo my 4 yr old miniture american eskimo is losing his hair. He has been put on thyroid medication but

well to be honest I'm not sure. If you bought your eskimo from someone I would see if they have any health issues, my eskimo was allergic to fleas and that made her loose her hair hope your eskimo get

Photo does the america eskimo dog like the heat?

not particularly because of their thick coat, in the summer or hot days they tend to pant alot more then most breeds I owned an eskimo for 15 years and I'm still learning about them they are adorable

Photo Is the american eskimo dog a crossbreed?If so,what two dogs were breeded?

This is not a cross breed. It is recognized by the AKC.

Photo My 8 year old eskie has just recently started to urinate on beds, especially while sleeping. She do

Pee pee issues can sometimes indicate a urinary tract infection.

Photo Is an american eskimo hypoallergenic?

They do not produce as much dander as other breeds and some consider them hypo-allergenic because of that......I guess it would depend on how severe your dog allergy is...

Photo Do american eskimo dogs like the water? or are they like chows in that they fear it?

My eskie likes water he can walk into like lakes and ponds. He doesn't like the swimming pool because he has to jump into it. He only jumped in once last summer. He was a year old then.

Photo I have a female toy eskie and she is almost a year old. She is always sherdding every toy that I ge

So does my dog miniature eskie. I just buy cheap toys and ones that he can't destroy. As long as he is happy.

Photo My miniature eskimo is very friendly with my son & myself, but if anyone else come to my home sh

Watch Cesar Milan, Dog Whisperer. He has GREAT training suggestions. It is joy to watch him. Here are some basic suggestions. Do not allow the behavior to escalate to barking, let alone biting. W

Photo How do you treat tear duct and weeping of the eyes

I finally broke down and bought Angel Eyes and fed my eskie about 1/2 - 3/4 of the recommended dose for a couple of weeks and the tearing problem and stains disappeared. Now I only give it to her ab

Photo I am considering getting an american eskimo dog but I have a pet lovebird and am wondering if this w

My Eskie was very aggressive towards my cats when I first got him. In about two weeks they had reached some kind of agreement and now all is peaceful. Cats can handle themselves better than a bird,

Photo are all eskimo spitz white or are they tan in color like a golden retriever too?

The breed standard only allows white.

Photo Do American Eskimo dogs get along with other dogs?

My spitz gets along with other dogs as long as they are not aggressive. If they are aggressive towards her she will put them in their place.

Photo My Eskimo is approx 7 years old. His fur is not coming in right and his underskin is a blackish colo
Photo I have an adorable 6 month old American Eskimo Dog. I am a little concerned because her coat (white

If you want the hair to stand up you need to comb it tail to head, instead of head to tail.

Photo I really want an American Eskimo puppy. Will they be good with good with cats?

I have 3 American Eskimo dogs, and our oldest one, Trixie, barely tolerates our cat, Chance. The middle one, Rocky, totally ignores the cat, while our youngest one, Dakota, is extremely tolerant of t

Photo We are not allowed to have indoor pets. Do they have to live indoors or can they live in a kennel o

I personally think that they would do better if the could be inside and not kept outside. I say this because after a few minutes outside in the summer our dog looks like the heat is getting to her.

Photo My American Eskimo coat is not fluffy! It is straight. Why do you think so? How do you make it fluff
Photo What is the difference betwwen an American Eskimo and an Alaskan Eskimo? I have a dog found in the

This actually fits the description of a Schipperke; they are a cousin of the American Eskimo Dog who is similar in temperament and build.

Photo My eskimo puppy is approx. 12 weeks old and has very runny eyes. She already had noticeable tear sta

When we got our puppy, it had bad stains under his eyes, the vet said that there was nothing to do. I did my research and I read that well water, food coloring (especially red), and fleas can cause th

Photo My Eskie Puppy is 8 months and he simply cannot stay out of my wife's shoe closet and our clothes ba

Blissfully yes. Mine took about a year and half to out grow the shoes. They still can't resist a towel or a sock!!

Photo Would they also be good outdoor dogs, maybe spending the night indoors?

My American Eskie loves being outdoors esp. if she has toys to play with and can run freely. At night she snuggles in bed with me as she is exhausted from her daily play.

Photo We were very fortunate to have adopted an American Eskie a few months ago. She is about 1 1/2 years

My first American Eskimo had a thinner coat and would shed in clumps also. Her shedding was worse in spring and autumn. She was also allergic to grass but it was unknown if that had anything to her t

Photo My husband and I adopted a handsome little eskie who is 5 months old. He is afraid of everything an

My american eskimo can be very timid at times. He has a few things that he is afraid of which i find weird. Simple things like my car keys, the tile floor, baloons, and pretty much anything with a whe

Photo Hi. I have a toy american eskimo puppy. He is about 4 1/2 months old and has a very thin coat. I rec

It seems it is time for the "puppy ugly stage" where the puppy loses its hair around the 4 month period and gets its adult hair at about 8 months of age

Photo I just wanted to know if a 6 month old american eskimo is safe and friendly around a newborn baby?

Ours is safe around all kids he dose have lots of energy and will sniff and lick the newborn but like all dogs you should watch and make sure they act OK together

Photo My American Eskimo is 6-months old and she's got quite a bit of fur, but she isn't fluffy like her p

I have 2 American Eskimo sisters, one is very fluffy and the other has a much smoother, non-fluffy coat. They are a year and a half now and it appears they will be staying this way. I love them eith

Photo I have a six month old American Eskimo and his ears don't stand up. Will they stay like that or even
Photo Do Eskimo Huskies like cats?

yes they are ok with cats. I have four cats and adopted a 4 yr old Eskie and she is fine with them.

Photo My dog is getting bald spots. Any ideas?

I have seen females loose their coat after giving birth.

Photo How do American Eskimo dogs respond around other pets?
Photo How are American eskimo's around other dogs?

I find that my male has dominance issues at first with all new dogs. Not forwardly aggressive, but will growl if he feels uncomfortable. He lives with 3 other dogs of mine, that are different breeds a

Photo what do american eskimodogs eat?
Photo We have a 6 year old, papered Eskie, she's had three previous litters. Just had a full Vet. Check an
Photo he is 14 and not eatting drinking alitte goes outside and will just stand their like he forgot how t

Our 13 year old has the same problems. She will just freeze in place for seconds to a minute without moving. She was diagnosed with dementia by our vet but also has cancer and internal organ issues. .

Photo My Eskimo's eye has had excessive tears for the last couple days, she's also been pawing at it on oc
Photo My American Eskimo's eye has had excessive tears for the last couple days, and she is pawing at it

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