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American Foxhounds are lighter and taller than their English relatives. They have a large build and handsome facial features. Their limbs are lanky, long, and straight-boned, and they are extremely agile and fast. The breed’s large head is slightly domed and features a large pair of wide-set eyes that are brown or hazel in color. They have wide ears that hang flat to the head (pendant ears) and frame their face. The breed’s tail is carried high and has an upward curve. American Foxhounds have a short, thick, hard coat that varies in color.

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This breed is Virginia's official state dog.

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Although American Foxhounds are tenacious hunting dogs and extremely hard-workers, they are very sweet, kind, and loving with their families. They are very social and get along well with children and other dogs. Some American Foxhounds have an inclination to be protective, but they are usually good with strangers. Show lines of this breed make better pets than the field types. They are a hardy working breed, and they require a rigorous exercise routine and lots of space to run around in. They have an infamous bark that is very musical and they like to bay.

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21 – 25 inches
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65 – 75 pounds
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General Health

American Foxhounds are a large breed, but they are healthy in comparison to other dogs of the same stature. They do not have genetic concerns like hip or bone problems. American Foxhounds shouldn’t be overfed, as they have a tendency to put on weight. They typically live for 10 to 12 years, and they average 5 to 7 puppies per litter.

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Descendant from the English hounds that were brought to America in the 1650’s, the American Foxhound was bred over a hundred years later as a gift to George Washington. The American Foxhound is a mix of the French and English hound. The American Foxhound was later utilized as a hunting dog. Although the breed is becoming more and more popular as a companion dog, American Foxhounds are typically used as hunting and field trial dogs. They have a number of natural talents that include hunting, tracking, and agility. They also make excellent watchdogs.

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American Foxhounds have a smooth, glossy, short-haired coat that is comparatively easy to groom and maintain. Brushing with a firm bristle brush and shampooing only as necessary are sufficient. They are average shedders. American Foxhounds are extremely active and they need rigorous exercise on a daily basis. They are best suited for ranch or farm life.

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Ideal Environment

Because American Foxhounds need so much exercise, they do best in living situations with plenty of acreage. Their stamina, endurance, and high energy are not suitable for small households or apartments

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American Foxhound Q&A

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I'm considering getting a foxhound from a rescue. However I am concerned about the energy level. I may not be able to give the dog a long walk everyday. The dog I met seemed very sweet. Can you please let me know about the energy level of this breed? Does it depend more on the individual dog? The shelter said the dog was mellow but I'm reading differently.

I adopted a 9 yr old american Foxhound from a rescue. She was in a live hunt pack. She is now 12 yrs. old. WHAT A GREAT DOG She doesn't like to go for walks. She likes to ride in the car or stick by the house and her own fenced in yard. I believe that the age of the dog is an important factor. Good Luck.


My name is Sheetal. We are considering getting an American Foxhound puppy. We live in India and have two related queries. Firstly, can the breed thrive in tropical, warm/dry conditions? Secondly, can the breed be brought up on a vegetarian only diet? Thanks.

Have had a number of these dogs over the years.I have found mine tend to thrive in a cooler climate.But keep in mind kept mine outside as they were kept for deer hunting in coastal South Carolina. Here the tempatures can range from the low 30.s in dec. to the upper 90,s in august.


how long do they typicaly live

I have a american fox hound and she is a very nice dog. She's only part american fox hound. she's part huskey too. she is very good around people but NOT ANIMALS! she kills squirls, birds, chipmunks. she also killed my pet cat smokey :( but shes not trained so... its not like she knows any better. So if your thinking about getting an american fox hound just beware...cuz they might be like that...


We adopted a foxhound.We are the 3rd home. She lived in a crate 24hrs.7days a week. My question is on housetraining. I take her outside to potty and she doesn't like to potty at all. She holds it forever all night and doesn't even potty the next morning. But when I bring her in...if I don't catch her she will potty on the floor. I dont think she knows what I want her to do. Any suggestions?

my fox hound ended up going outside for the same reason he could go outside and play for hours but as soon as he would come inside my residence he would urinate


I'm thinking about adopting a foxhound. Can they be trained easily? I know that it's NEVER easy, but easier.

I have a six month old foxhound and can attest to the difficulties of training. I have not resorted to treat training, instead using a modified pinch coller as a deterrent. However, my hound (as many others, I'm sure) is extremelly smart. She will follow commands and instructions with the training coller and leash, but once those come off, she becomes a total brat! I believe the training is easier than some think and the dogs do pick up on it quickly; you just have to stay on top of them and be firm so they don't feel they can get away with not listening.


I live in Nebraska and I'm looking for any American Foxhound puppy, but I cannot find any for sale. Any suggestions on how to contact breeders or where to get a puppy?


Hi, I just rescued a 3-year-old AmFox, and she is very submissive. She's come out of her shell since coming home with me 2 weeks ago, playing, looking for and giving affection, etc. but this morning and all day, is cowering, hiding under furniture and shaking when I approach. Any suggestions to soothe her and get her to be ok again?

Foxhounds were never meant to be pets. These hounds are breed to be hunters . They are suited for outside living and this is wear they are most content. They are hunters but are usually submissive to their caretakers. Sounds like a change in enviroment may be the culprit . It would be best for the animal to find someone that could provide the enviroment it was breed for.


How/where do you find American Foxhound puppies? There are hardly any breeders and none of them have puppies, and aren't expecting any litters. With only a handful of breeders, how have they not inter-bred them by now? Thank you.


I have a shelter dog who was identified by a groomer as a foxhound. The pictures of foxhounds confirm this. However, he has longer hair on his tail and blonde spots on his white spots. Could this indicate that there is possible brittany spaniel in him somewhere?

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