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American Hairless Terriers are identical in appearance to the medium-sized Rat Terriers they are descendant from. Their small bodies are well-muscled and feature a deep chest, a strong neck, and long, springy limbs. Their comparatively large ears are triangular in shape and stand erect. American Hairless Terriers have pink skin with spots in a variety of colors. Although American Hairless Terriers are born with fuzz on their bodies, they are completely hairless by the age of six weeks. The breed has normal whiskers and eyebrows.

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Ears do not always stand Erect. They often fold over.

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American Hairless Terriers are curious, lively, and playful. They are very loving and affectionate, and they make wonderful companions for everybody. They are a social breed and are friendly with most strangers, but they can also be territorial. The breed makes good watchdogs- even though they aren’t yappers like many other similar breeds. American Hairless Terriers should be supervised, as they are not good swimmers and are comparatively easily injured. They are intelligent, feisty, and courageous, and they are easily trained. They might break out in a sweat if scared or hot.

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7 – 16 inches
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5 – 16 pounds
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General Health

American Hairless Terriers are not susceptible to a number of the health difficulties that affect other hairless breeds. The breed is prone to skin rashes. Their skin needs protection from the sun and cold. Allergies are common in this breed.

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It is believed that the American Hairless Terrier originated when a hairless puppy appeared in a litter of Rat Terriers in Louisiana, in 1972. The owners of the litter, Edwin and Willie Scott, continued to breed the dog in the hopes of reproducing the hairless quality. In 1981, they produced a litter that served as the foundation of the breed.

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Besides protecting the American Hairless Terrier from extreme weather conditions, they are a comparatively low-maintenance breed. They should be bathed regularly- at least once a week. The breed’s nails should be kept trimmed, and lotion might be necessary to prevent dry skin. They don’t shed or get fleas, but they do shed skin cells. If an American Hairless Terrier is scratched or cut, the wounds should be treated with an antiseptic agent like hydrogen peroxide. American Hairless Terriers are generally a good pet for those that suffer from allergies.

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Ideal Environment

American Hairless Terriers are comparatively active indoors, and they generally do okay in any living environment. It’s important for them to get exercise on a daily basis, especially if they live in a small household or an apartment. A small or medium-sized yard is ideal for this breed, as they enjoy playing games and running around outside.

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you say they are not good swimmers,and you also say they injur easily. What do mean because we take our dog to the park she love to run but I don't her to get injured. Also what do you use to bath the american hairless rat terrier Thanks in advance

My breedder told me to use baby shampoo.


I am a new AHT owner. We've had our guy for about 5 months. He has a "rash" or bumps all over his body. Vet. gave us a medicated shampoo to use but it doesn't seem to be help him. We live in a small town, this is the first AHT that this vet has ever seen..didn't even know the breed?? I contacted the breeder and was told it might be that the sebaceous glands are blocked and to bathe him in dial antibacterial soap for a few days will help him...been doing that. I've called the vet but was told that I need to give the shampoo time to work...which after 2 weeks I would have thought I would have seen some improvements. I stopped it after the 2 weeks and have been using the dial soap for about 3 days. Any other ideas?

I am a new AHT owner also .Mine also developed a rash or bumps on his back mostly.My vet which has never seen a AHT either .Told me to try neosporin I tried that,it hasn't been long enuff to see if it is going to help .I wish someone would post a cure for that.


My 3 yr old AHT has had dry and flakey skin for a few months. Lotion does not seem to help. Now she has big bumps and a lot of sores and blackheads on her back. What should we do? Is she maybe allergic to her food?


Our AHt puppy also has a rash alll over his back, we have been using baby body wash but that seems to make it worse,also try using baby lotion instead of the normal kind, we think that maybe hes allergic to it, but we don't know what to do? any suggestions??

We had the same problems with our puppy. The breeder said it was normal for AHT puppies to get puppy acne. We started feeding Nutro Natural Choice small bites for skin and coat. For skin care I was told by the breeder to use Aveeno shampoo and aloe vera gel as a moisturiser. No more problems since then.


I am thinking about getting an AHT, I live in a townhome with a lot of foot traffic and 'going on' in my neighborhood. I was wondering how much AHT's bark. Also, what do they feel like to pet?

I personally don't recommend an AHT with the heavy foot traffic. They are like an other small breed and they can be easily stepped on or kicked and they get scratches and abraisions very easily.

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