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I am a new AHT owner. We've had our guy for about 5 months. He has a "rash" or bumps all over his body. Vet. gave us a medicated shampoo to use but it doesn't seem to be help him. We live in a small town, this is the first AHT that this vet has ever seen..didn't even know the breed?? I contacted the breeder and was told it might be that the sebaceous glands are blocked and to bathe him in dial antibacterial soap for a few days will help him...been doing that. I've called the vet but was told that I need to give the shampoo time to work...which after 2 weeks I would have thought I would have seen some improvements. I stopped it after the 2 weeks and have been using the dial soap for about 3 days. Any other ideas?

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I am a new AHT owner also .Mine also developed a rash or bumps on his back mostly.My vet which has never seen a AHT either .Told me to try neosporin I tried that,it hasn't been long enuff to see if it is going to help .I wish someone would post a cure for that.

AHT have sweat glands, they sweat when hot but also when nervous. Chances are, those bumps are pimples!

My AHT is 5 months old and two months ago i brought him to the vet (as usual never heard of the breed) but she asked the staff dermatologist to look his pimples. He gave me a prescription shampoo called Micro Pearls Benzoyl Plus Shampoo and recommended that we wash him once a week with it leaving it on for 2-3 minutes (allowing to lather up). Within 2 weeks they were all gone and we continue to use the shampoo because it leaves his skin silky smooth. When his skin does get dry, i use Johnson's baby lotion which works great and smells good too! Good luck to all.

It is just acne.. our puppy is a year old now and she eventually grew out of it.. you must remember they dont have fur they have skin and sweat glands like we do.. As has been previously stated in this Q & A forum they sweat when they get scared or nervous, which causes breakouts. DO NOT pop the pimples or try to over scrub them in any way! Use light, non-greasy lotions and if anything buy them a sweater or shirt to wear if its the appearance of this acne that bothers you. They WILL grow out of it. My aunt is a AHT breeder and we havent had one puppy that carried that into adulthood.

I am also a new owner and have an AHT that's 4 months old and I bathe him with Johnson& Johnson baby wash and lotion him with Johnson & Johnston lotion. Once I noticed small red bumps on the back of his neck which looked like pimples, I continued to use the baby wash and the pimples disappeared. If you dress your AHT on a regular. I suggest washing his clothes before putting them on him. I only use Dreft. Could your AHT be allergic to the food he is eating? I hope this helps.

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