Photo you say they are not good swimmers,and you also say they injur easily. What do mean because we take

My breedder told me to use baby shampoo.

Photo I am a new AHT owner. We've had our guy for about 5 months. He has a "rash" or bumps all over his bo

I am a new AHT owner also .Mine also developed a rash or bumps on his back mostly.My vet which has never seen a AHT either .Told me to try neosporin I tried that,it hasn't been long enuff to see if it

Photo My 3 yr old AHT has had dry and flakey skin for a few months. Lotion does not seem to help. Now she
Photo Our AHt puppy also has a rash alll over his back, we have been using baby body wash but that seems t

We had the same problems with our puppy. The breeder said it was normal for AHT puppies to get puppy acne. We started feeding Nutro Natural Choice small bites for skin and coat. For skin care I was t

Photo I am thinking about getting an AHT, I live in a townhome with a lot of foot traffic and 'going on' i

I personally don't recommend an AHT with the heavy foot traffic. They are like an other small breed and they can be easily stepped on or kicked and they get scratches and abraisions very easily.

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