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you say they are not good swimmers,and you also say they injur easily. What do mean because we take our dog to the park she love to run but I don't her to get injured. Also what do you use to bath the american hairless rat terrier Thanks in advance

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My breedder told me to use baby shampoo.

I have Hairless Chinese Cresteds and found a groomer with hairless crested who makes a line of skincare which she sells on an ebay store the product line is called AllyOpps. The line worked very well on my Crested. I don't know about AHT's but Cresteds are very prone to being allergic to Lanolin, PABA, and some other ingredients in skincare lines, they are also highly allergic to wool. I don't know if this is the case of AHT's but I know exposure to these things can cause rashes, hives, and other skin bumps. Also Crested are very prone to blackheads and the AllyOpps works great. The kit includes tiny scrubbing pads and with in a couple treatments her skin and what little hair she has looks great. Also another company that has great skincare is Royal treatment by lorenzo Borghese, its called the Italian pet spa collection and comes in many fragrances. I like that it is all natural and even includes All natural salmon oil to add to the food to give the dog extra Omega 3 and Omega 6's both do amzing things for the dog's skin, and body. Plus the line smells incredible. The line is all natural made in Italy and not expensive. I was surprised a friend of mine had reccomended the line which is available on homeshopping network. I had never purchased anything from HSN, but was very happy with the product line. I ordered the tearless bath spritz (a body mist to keep the dog smelling great) the body lotion, and the tearless shampoo, I have since ordered the salmon oil, which comes from wild salmon, not from farmed salmon (the wild salmon have more vitamins and a higher level of Omegas) I have also now purchased the body wipes, which also come in a great scent. These are the best wipes I have ever seen. They have a ton of cleaner in them and they don't dry out my Hairless Cresteds skin. She is softer and smoother than she has ever been. Cresteds are also prone to blackheads and she ahsn't had any issues since keeping up with the baths and this system. Just like people I switch between these two product lines, I don't want my dog's body to become used to the product and have it stop working. They say you build up a resistance when you use the same haircare, or facial care over and over again. I will say since rotating my dogs have never looked better. I have two hairless Creste and a Boston, all three use these products and I get compliments all the time. Best fo luck to all the dog owners out there.

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