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American Lo-Sze Puggs™ have proportionately small heads with a broad, flat skull that is wide between the eyes. Their bodies are comparatively long and stout with a level topline and sturdy bone structure. They have broad chests and curved forelegs that are set far apart. Although their hind legs are lighter than their forelegs, they are still firm and well-muscled. The breed has a pronounced stop and a short nose with open nostrils. Most American Lo-Sze Puggs™ have nose wrinkles. The breed’s nose and large, round eyes vary in color, and their high set ears are either rose type ears or drop ears that fall just below their eye level. Their lower incisors protrude above their upper incisors, and their lower jaw is very strong. Their large, flat feet are slightly outturned, and their tails are carried over the back. (Pug, Pugg) American Lo-Sze Puggs are shown with two types of coat: the first one is short, glossy, and smooth, while the second is longer with feathering around the tail, toes, ears, and legs. Their coats will vary in color.

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American Lo-Sze Puggs™ are a very kind and loving breed of dog. They generally get along well with other dogs, animals, and pets. Known for their jovial demeanor and cheerful disposition, the American Lo-Sze Pugg™ makes an excellent and happy companion. They respond well to obedience-training and are generally considered an intelligent breed. Most American Lo-Sze Puggs™ are excellent family pets and do well with children, but some may be leery or cautious around strangers. This breed will bark only if it suspects unusual activity.

Although this dog seems perfect for most, it has many medical problems because of it's 'squished' face and it may be expensive to own with all the extra vet visits.

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10 inches
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5 – 12 pounds
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General Health

The American Lo-Sze Pugg™ is a breed similar to other toy dog breeds like the Pug and Pekingese. For this reason, American Lo-Sze Puggs™ are prone to some of the same health concerns. These problems include cataracts, inadequate blinking, lacrimal duct atresia, retinal atrophy, cleft lip, distichiasis, elongated soft palate, patellar luxation, and several others. The breed’s short nose can lead to a number of breathing concerns and can cause the American Lo-Sze Pugg™ to overheat quickly. The average life expectancy of an American Lo-Sze Pugg™ is 12 to 15 years.

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The American Lo-Sze Pugg™ was created in the United States as a rebuild of an ancient Chinese breed. Small, short-nosed dogs were very popular in ancient China, and historical records date their presence back to the time of Confucius. Throughout Chinese history, several breeds of short-headed, short-nosed dogs developed. These breeds were exclusively reserved for royalty, and illustrations of these dogs are found in ancient Chinese art. One of the three major breeds of this era was the Lo-Sze, a little dog that is surprisingly similar to the modern Pekingese, and the breed that led to the evolution of the modern Pug. American Lo-Sze Puggs™ gained recognition in 1998, after a woman by the name of Rebecca Manns began researching the history of the Pug. She was disappointed that the ancient Lo-Sze was changed to suit the desires of those who craved a taller, fawn-colored specimen. She decided to breed a dog much like the multi-colored, shorter-legged, original Lo-Sze. The result of her endeavors was the American Lo-Sze Pugg™.

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American Lo-Sze Puggs™ don’t require much exercise or grooming. By doing their normal daily routine, the American Lo-Sze Pugg™ can stay fit and healthy. This breed should be bathed only as necessary and brushed on a weekly basis.

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Ideal Environment

The American Lo-Sze Pugg™ does well with a small yard, as they are a breed that spends the vast majority of their time indoors. American Lo-Sze Puggs™ are great pets for families with small households or apartments.

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Do they shed a lot?

Lo-Sze Puggs do not shed as much as Pugs but they do shed. Their coat tends to be longer than that of a pug.


Does the Lo-Sze puggs drool at the mouth ?

no, they do not drool.

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