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The American Mastiff Panja is a working dog with an athletic, muscular body. Their chests are wide, their limbs are muscular, straight, and well-boned, and their hocks are slightly angled. The breed has well-sprung ribs and a slight tuck-up. American Mastiff Panjas have small, almond-shaped eyes with an alert and inquisitive expression. Their heads are broad and their ears are cropped short. American Mastiff Panjas have dry mouths (they don’t drool) and their flews do not protrude. They have medium-length, flat coats that vary in color. The breed’s tail is docked to 1/3 of its natural length.

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American Mastiff Panjas have a laid-back attitude and a leisurely temperament. They make excellent pets and are very devoted and protective towards their family. Most American Mastiff Panjas (especially those being bred today) are terrific with small children. The breed’s natural instincts lead them to take responsibility over everything in their domain. They believe it is their duty to protect everything and everyone in their household. American Mastiff Panjas are an intelligent breed, and obedience training is recommended to prevent the onset of boredom or reckless behaviors like chewing. The breed is a natural-born guard dog, and they are great at alerting their owners of any suspicious activity. They are strong-willed leaders and have a dominating persona, but they are also very kind and loyal companions.

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22 – 26 inches
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80 – 100 pounds
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General Health

The American Mastiff Panja doesn’t have any major health concerns to speak of, but like other large breeds of dogs, it’s possible that some specimens are at an increased likelihood of developing hip dysplasia. American Mastiff Panjas typically live for 10 to 12 years.

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American Mastiff Panjas were initially bred to guard property and houses. Unfortunately, many American Mastiff Panjas were constructed with harsher demeanors in order to serve as guard dogs of drug dealers’ property and drugs. They are a cross breed between several dogs including Pitbulls and Rottweilers. Since they have been recognized by the DRA, they have become loving pets and have been able to move away from their dark past. They are now typically used as companions.

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American Mastiff Panjas have a medium-length, flat coat that doesn’t require much upkeep. They are minimal shedders, but a daily brushing is still a good idea to keep stray hairs at bay. A bath or dry shampoo can be administered as necessary.

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Ideal Environment

The American Mastiff Panja can live acceptably in a small household or apartment if they are properly exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and have a propensity to become lazy, so it’s important that their owners initiate some healthy activity. American Mastiff Panjas don’t like to be left alone, so keeping them in a crate while the owners are away is often recommended. They do well in all climates and can tolerate many various weather conditions. They are a breed that needs at least a small yard. Daily walks are ideal for this athletic breed.

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American Mastiff Panja Q&A

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Are they stock killers?

I wouldn't say they are stock killers, but they are very protective of property and their owners. They seem very similar to pitbulls. I would only recommend this breed if you have a lot of experience handling/training dogs. They will need to view you as the dominate figure in order for you to maintain control.


I am just wondering how you know exactly what color American Mastiff Panja you will get? I really like the gray one on this page, but what are the chances of finding a dog with the similar characteristics. I've looked at a bunch, and there all different looking, with no consistent body structure.

There are American Mastiff Panja and American Mastiffs. Very different body sizes and shapes and VERY different temperments. Make sure you know which ones you're looking at.


What is the difference between the American Mastiff and the American Mastiff Panja? What is mixed together to make the Panja breed?


What does the word "panja" mean exactly?


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