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How intellegent are the dogs?

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I have a 4 month old, male, AM and he is wonderful and very intelligent! It is very hard to look at his like he is a puppy because he is so laid back, doesn't chew on anything other than his toys, is already housebroken (was at 10 weeks) and not to mention the fact that he is 60 lbs already! He is currently going through his adolescent phase where he is testing his boundaries...but he'll get through it and be more obedient. He was very easy to train on basic commands (sit, down, etc.)...he learned them after only a few tries. Hope this helps :)

we have a mastiff from flying w farms(cleetus) and he's a genius!! Fredricka breeds great dogs. Cleetus loved puppy class. I would recommend it for any one getting a dog. They learn alot and its good socialization for the puppies. Cleetus weights 225 and he's alot to handle but hes very gentle and well behaved

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