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I am looking to adopt an AM in 2008. I had a St. Bernard for 9.5 years - he was an energetic puppy but was not the type to chew on furniture, etc. What is the energy level of a properly exercised AM?

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American Mastiff puppies have the energy level of any puppy. As adults, American Mastiffs, like their English Mastiff cousins, can turn into couch potatoes if you let them. They don't require a lot of exercise, but a nice walk is always enjoyed. My American Mastiff loves to chase a Frisbee or his Jolly Ball thrown across the yard. Wishing you the best with your future American Mastiff! They're awesome dogs!

Ours runs around a bit. like any puppy. Minimum chewing of kids toys or furniture... and she has almost grown out of it at 13 weeks.

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