Photo I am looking to adopt an AM in 2008. I had a St. Bernard for 9.5 years - he was an energetic puppy

American Mastiff puppies have the energy level of any puppy. As adults, American Mastiffs, like their English Mastiff cousins, can turn into couch potatoes if you let them. They don't require a lot

Photo I am looking into getting a AM but have never owned one. I worked at Boxer breeding kennel for a num

We got our puppy from Frederica at Flying W Farm, great breeder. Pricing just changed, have a look at their site. Our 12 week old female puppy eats about 6-7 cups of quality dried food and a chicken

Photo We have a 11 week old AM. We know that obedience training is important but would like to know at wh

We are starting ours at 12 weeks, right after the last puppy shot.

Photo We have a 1 year old male American Mastiff named Leo. Think we need to change dog food-possible alle

You'd want any high quality, low protein and fat food. My first was a fan of Iam's, but there's also a fantastic option made through a breeder in Southern California that will ship it out, and it's be

Photo Wanted to know how well AM's do with the addition of a new AM puppy introduced as a part of the fami
Photo I had a AM growing up and would like to get another one. I have 3 kids, and another dog. Would this
Photo My daughter is afraid of dogs, and my son is hollering he wants a puppy, but I have been reluctant b

If your daughter is afraid of dogs an American Mastiff is not one to consider. The AM's need a strong figure and tend to take advantage of the less confident.

Photo i grew up having a couple of mastiffs when i lived with my parents. now i have my own place and want

The AM's can be good hiking dogs once they have fully grown and matured...but that can take roughly 2 years. Any type of strenuous activity before maturity can seriously damage the dog's bones and jo

Photo How intellegent are the dogs?

I have a 4 month old, male, AM and he is wonderful and very intelligent! It is very hard to look at his like he is a puppy because he is so laid back, doesn't chew on anything other than his toys, is

Photo Will a AM make a good fist dog?? Also are they known to be dominante?

It all depends on what type of dog you want for your first one we have an AM and absolutely love her. They are very trainable and affectionate animals but as with ANY dog out there if they do not have

Photo We are in the process of researching the Mastiff breed. Other than size, what are the main differen

The differences between the Bullmastiff, American Mastiff and English Mastiff are largely in appearance and size rather than temperment. the Bullmastiff was a cross between a mastiff and a bulldog bac

Photo I play rugby, involves tackeling, and was wondering if I were to bring him out to games and I were t

He would but not really the very first time u take him there. When gets used 2 u and is loyal to u he'll start biting others in d ground as me uncle owned an AM before and I've him to growl me when I

Photo Has anyone out there had an American Mastiff for more than a year and then brought a couple of adult
Photo How are mastiffs with chihuahuas? I want to make sure he wont hurt her accidently before i get one.
Photo What's the difference between an american mastiff and a american bullmastiff?

bullmastiffs are half english mastiff and half american bulldog whereas american mastiffs are half english mastiff and half anatolian shepherd. AM's drool and snore less as well.

Photo Do this breed come in fully black in color?

American Mastiff's do not. They are only, fawn, apricot, and brindle(light or dark). If black is what you want-I would go for the dark brindle. Ours is dark brindle and the only light part on him is h

Photo I am interested in getting an American Mastiff, but my house has two different sets of steps. Is thi

I have a two year old AM and he will go up the stairs, but forget about coming back down - does not like it.

Photo I have been doing some research on both the American mastiff and the English mastiff. I have notice

I just put down my America Mastiff, saddest day of my life. She was the most gentle well behaved dogs I have ever owned. Great with children, other dogs and cats. Truly Gentle Giants. I landed here s

Photo Just wondering how this breed became registered as a purebred when the origin and history of one of

The American Mastiff was recognized as pure breed registered through the Continental Kennel Club. Also your concerns Anatolian Mastiff or Anatolian Shepherd, is in fact Anatolian Mastiff. The original

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