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i grew up having a couple of mastiffs when i lived with my parents. now i have my own place and want another. but I like to backpack and go hiking etc, how well will a mastiff do if i take them hiking or backpacking with me?

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The AM's can be good hiking dogs once they have fully grown and matured...but that can take roughly 2 years. Any type of strenuous activity before maturity can seriously damage the dog's bones and joints and you could end up with a young AM suffering from arthritis and possibly other problems. Also, even when the dog is full grown, AM's have the tendency to get be prepared to only walk him as far as you'd want to carry him back if need be. And ideally, a fully matured AM will only need a short walk a day (approx. a mile), so you might want to consider another breed if hiking/backpacking is of large importance.

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