Photo I have a female pit bull pup and she had a period in April, a few months ago, and hasn't had another

Yes this is completely normal. Dogs go into heat about every 6 months or so. You`ve got nothing to worry about.

Photo How am I supposed to know when to or what vaccines to give my APBT, which one for monthly and which

as a responsible dog owner, you need to find a trustworthy veterinarian. take your dogs to the vet regularly and follow their advice. a good vet will know everything about all the medications your dog

Photo when can i expect my female pit bull to go into heat? she's 6 months and she is swollen and bleeding

A female dog is in heat as soon as they start bleeding and sometimes they don't bleed that much or you don't notice, but if she is swollen and bleeding then she is in heat, female dogs go into heat us

Photo My pit has never had a litter herself but she developes breast milk when ever shes in contact with a

Yes its okay, most female animals will produce milk when a baby animal is around. Its fine for the kitten or the puppy to drink.

Photo should i have to trim the APBT's tail or not?

No, a Pit Bull is not supposed to have their tail docked or trimed, it is supposed to be tappered.

Photo Do pit bulls have web feet?

No, Pit Bulls do not have webbed feet.

Photo We have a 5mos old female APBT. I understand her teething and wanting to chew on something-but how d

when she starts chewing on anything other on her toy tell her no! and give her the chew toy instead this should be repeated everytime she tries to chew something shes not suppose to

Photo I have a one year old Pit bull/American Bulldog mix. She is great with our family, extremely loyal a

The protective instinct usually applies to one person or a small number. There isn't much you can do. They tend to favor one person.

Photo Somebody gave me a 2 yr old pit, and she is deaf. How do i get her to stop chasing my cats. I'm worr
Photo my pit bull was spotting blood at 8 months and now she is bleeding in heat for sure at 10 months is
Photo I have taken my dog to the vet and he told me it was dermatitis and gave me a shampoo to use. I have
Photo Do all re nose pit bull terriers have short legs?

no the breed comes short and longer legged it depends on the jeans .some pitbulls are 35 pounds of pure energy and another will be 70.

Photo my pit has bunps on him.what could this be

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