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Does anyone know if it would be ok to leave my 4mo old amstaff alone with another 4mo old german shepard pup by themselves or do you think they will be aggressive with each other when i am gone? They play well together while i am there but i don't know.

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Both dogs have a history of aggresive behavior. Though your dogs are young, and sound to be well socialized. I would not recomend leaving them together while you are gone though they may be just fine. I firmly believe that if the dogs are raise correctly and well socailized that they could be left alone without any problems, but it is not recomended if there are other options. Also as the dogs grow up they may naturally become more agressive. I do not believe that either breed is more agressive than any other breed just that they have unfortunately had bad press due to bad ownership. Both breeds need a dominant owner, and to be well socialized from the time they are very young. I wish that the press would focus not on the dog but the ownership of the dog when problems arise.

I suggest putting them in seperate rooms of the house until you can leave the house, trusting them together. meanwhile socialize them together and make them play games together with you. Do not leave them unsupervised until they are more mature.

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