Photo Does anyone know if it would be ok to leave my 4mo old amstaff alone with another 4mo old german she

Both dogs have a history of aggresive behavior. Though your dogs are young, and sound to be well socialized. I would not recomend leaving them together while you are gone though they may be just fine.

Photo i have 2 female staffordshires that are aggresive towards eachother. catie we had for about 2 yrs be

I have a part Staffordshire Terrier and part Rhodesian Ridgeback female called Tess. She goes 80lbs now at 2 yrs old. We also have a Shortie Jack Russel [Brin] that is 10lbs. I would never leave th

Photo Is this breed okay to be around small children? I just got one that is about 8 weeks old.

I have had my Amstaff since she was 8weeks old and my daughter was 6mths they grew up togeter and now my dog is more protective of her that anyone in the family. It takes time and patients, but as my

Photo I have a 2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. How long does her menstruation cycle last? How o

Every six months. Typically, it lasts three weeks, but there is individual variations of course.

Photo are american staffordshire bull terriers illegal in britain?


Photo Are American Staffordshire terriers ok with living with another animal(like a cat)? (the dog is abou

we have 2 am staffs, one is14 and the other is 9. We also have 2 cats. if you raise them with cats usually the cats become part of the pack. The male am staff is a little less tolerant of the cats,

Photo My am staff is 7 months old and he is still quite hyper and nipps at the kids occasionally. he also

Apparently your dog is bored out of his mind. Mine is still a pup and with lots of stimulation and walks he is not destructive. They are an active breed and thus wanting to play all the time. I sugges

Photo I have a family with two children 6 and 3. From my experiences with dogs, I want to get TWO AM Staff

If you get two make sure that they are male and female, or else they could become very aggressive with each other.

Photo I just became an owner to a rescued AmStaff. He has a broken jaw and tooth from abuse. He's 5 y/o an

I have two american staffords and whenever mine do not want to eat I add just a little bit of milk sprinkled on thier food or I buy the can food and mix it with thier regular food. May want to try to

Photo I became the owner of a 3 y/o AmStaff last year. Over the last year she has become kind of aggressi

There are several possible reasons for this type of behavior: 1. She is being terrirorial over your house or you. 2. She may not like the person entering your house. 3. If she has any emotional baggag

Photo my dogs ears are standing up about 80% of the time is that usual for amstaff to have his ears like t

i have a pure bred akc registered amstaff puppy with champion show parents and her ears have went to competely floppy to completly erect like a german shepard. yes it is normal, but in this situation,

Photo My femaie amstaff is approximately 7 yrs old (we rescued her and they weren't positive on her age).

She needs to see a vet/dentist for at least a tooth cleaning and good assessment. She will probably need sedation as unprofessional are shy about putting hands into powerful, possibly painful jaws of

Photo Why does my 6yr old male amstaff still have energy of a 1yr old? For the most part this is not a pro

Regular long runs are necessary. These dogs are all muscle. Imagine being forced to live in a little 6X6 foot room, that's what a house is for a dog of this type. They need lots of exercise.

Photo We just bought two Am Staf puppies- sisters- 11 weeks. They want to play fight a lot and it scares

Young dog's play. It's what they do. You should take the time to learn the difference between real aggression and just play.

Photo my 7month old boy amstaff, as started not to come back to me when he dosent want to, if he is on h
Photo I have a 7 month old american staffordshire. I can not leave him alone!! I have got a cage and he br

Excercise the dog MORE.... Take it to Obiedence training.... Spend The Proper amount of money for the correct dog supplies it needs or get a toy breed dog that are not so strong. American Staffordshir

Photo We adopted our rescued amstaf in May, estimated to be about 7 months old. We don't know her exact ag

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